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CyberSnake: like the classic game… but in AR

CyberSnake for HoloLens puts you in the snake's perspective, offering a 1st person point of view.
by Edgar Cervantes2 days ago

VRLA – The Experience!

VRLA was said to be "the world's largest VR and AR expo", so we hit the road to see what kinds of reality this show could bring to the table.
by Edgar Cervantes6 days ago

HoloLens demo impressions (VRLA 2017)

At VRLA 2017 we had the opportunity to get our hands on the Microsoft HoloLens.
by Edgar Cervantes6 days ago

Ion Torq ATV demo at VRLA 2017

Looking for a way to make your VR vehicle games even more immersive? That's what the Ion Torque attempts to accomplish.
by Edgar Cervantes7 days ago

HTC believes VR is “the next mass medium” – what do you think?

Is virtual reality the next mass medium? HTC believes so, but we think the future looks much more complicated than that. Tell us what you think!
by Edgar CervantesFebruary 16, 2017

Hologram porn coming; start thanking CamSoda

Today CamSoda is taking things to a whole other level by introducing hologram porn. They call it Holo-Cam.
by Edgar CervantesDecember 22, 2016

Best VR browsers – immerse yourself into the web

VR-focused browsers have started emerging and we have put together a list of our favorite ones to help you experience what it's like to be inside the web.
by Edgar CervantesOctober 24, 2016

Invisage QuantumFilm ready to bring better cameras to VR headsets

QuantumFilm could replace CMOS sensors, thanks to its thinner size, better handling of light, better dynamic range and improved image stabilization.
by Edgar CervantesSeptember 10, 2016

NVIDIA now letting developers build mods for VR Funhouse

Now that NVIDIA has shown us what their GPUs are capable of, they want to hand VR Funhouse over to developers and see what they can do with it.
by Edgar CervantesSeptember 1, 2016

Best HTC Vive apps and experiences

We've gathered up the best HTC Vive apps around right now. Come take a look!
by Edgar CervantesJuly 14, 2016
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