Daydream View may have just made it’s debut, but Google has put in a lot of work to ensure that there were a variety of titles ready to try out when it launched. In the short time since its debut, we’ve seen a number of interesting games arrive on the scene, both free and paid. With that in mind, here are some of the best games available right now!

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arcThe Arcslinger

[Price: $7.99]

The Arcslinger was one of the original launch titles for Google’s Daydream view headset, but took a bit longer than expected to actually make its debut. It is available for purchase now however, and boy does it take great advantage of the new tracked remote control. The game is based in a futuristic western world where fast fingers are king. The player takes on the role of a muscular hero named Valiant, who must use his trusty gun Angelheart to take down the villainous Gold Smoke. There are 15 different levels for the player to pass through, which all include unique themes and landscapes. Players can also collect special “arc” upgrades, which they can use to customize their gun to their heart’s content. The art style is light and fun, and $7.99 doesn’t seem like a bad price to pay for such an interesting title. Check out the trailer below.


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodesktane

[Price: $9.99]

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is an adaptation of the immensely popular HTC Vive title which also recently made it’s way to PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and Gear VR. The game is based around having one person diffuse a bomb using only instructions from their friends, which only gets more complicated and tense over time. These are all time-based missions, meaning the game will only get more stressful as the clock ticks down. Having the title available for Daydream means it should be in reach of a much greater audience, and based on the praise it has already received from other sources, it should be an absolutely explosive success once it gets more widespread adoption.

Fantastic Beasts

[Price: FREE]

Fantastic Beasts is a free app from Warner Brothers Entertainment developed in partnership with Google to simultaneously promote the new film while at the same time showing off the immersive power of Daydream VR. While the experience is more of a set of small demos than a full game, the title allows the users to use the included controller to wave their wand and cast spells present in the Harry Potter universe. Explore mysterious rooms, cast spells, and open hidden treasures. Fantastic Beasts gives you the true Harry Potter experience.


PolyRunner VR

[Price: FREE]

PolyRunner VR takes classic third person plane-piloting gameplay and brings it into the low-poly universe that has been so popular over the last year or so. This art style is also very beneficial to rendering on mobile devices, as low amounts of polygons and simple textures are very easy to compute. The “Spaceflight runner” has players dodging around objects and picking up rings using the pointer, and should be a great combination of relaxing and exhilarating for any kind of player.



VR Karts: Sprint

[Price: FREE]

If you were looking for a fast paced racer with eerie resemblance to a popular kart racing title, this game might be for you. VR Karts: Sprint integrates fun looking scenery and interesting mechanics into a full-fledged multiplayer racer. Customization is out of this world with this game, allowing you to change the color of almost every aspect of your racer, and play against others in real time using online multiplayer. Most VR piloting games are based on space ships, so a kart racer is a refreshing change of pace on the platform.


 Danger Goat

[Price: $5.99]

If you’re into cute and unique puzzle games, Danger Goat is probably the title for you. There are tons of levels to enjoy in this 3D puzzler, each with fun and interesting challenges to endure. Users play as a goat attempting to navigate to safety by gliding, sliding, and catapulting their way around each unique terrain. Players must use the included Daydream tracking remote to knock down monoliths, steer past enemies, and get to safety as quickly as possible! There are 28 levels each with unique styles and terrains, so players should have no trouble whatsoever getting their money’s worth for this game. Check it out.



[Price: $4.99]

If you’re a fan of The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings, you’ll love Frostbound. In the title, the player leads a number of small elves across a barren frosty wasteland, with countless monsters creating a challenging experience along the way. The game feels like a mix of Skyrim and The Hobbit, with wild monsters and high mountaintops steering you towards the ultimate goal. The game has gotten some mixed reviews, but most can agree that there are beautiful graphics that give an incredible sense of scale. If you have the means, we would recommend picking this up.




[Price: $4.99]

Earthshape is a more traditional and relaxing mobile game which relies on drawing lines to guide a ball to its final destination. The game uses the included daydream remote to stitch together reflective angles, and has a variety of bonus boxes along the way. The title has some beautiful backdrops to show off while the user is playing, and for anyone looking for a game to play casually while they chill on the couch or on a plane, this is a fantastic choice.

mekorama-vrMekorama VR

[Price: $3.99]

Mekorama VR is another exciting puzzle game that should delight for its use of solid graphics and exciting gameplay. The game is based around getting a little robot named “B” to home by maneuvering through special objects and turning the field with the included daydream remote. There are 50 levels included in the game, but the developers have also baked in a level creation feature, giving you access to other player’s levels with the simple scan of a unique QR code. The title has received raving reviews on the play store, with a unanimous opinion of being challenging and moving at the same time. If you were looking for something to rack your brain, this is a great pickup.



















This is just a short list of what Google has in store for Daydream VR users, and we will definitely be updating this list over time. Is there anything awesome that we missed? Let us know!

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