HTC Vive & Oculus Rift 371

Who doesn’t like free games? I mean, think about it: after buying the gaming PC, the VR headset, and in some cases, a dedicated space for gaming, who has money left to actually purchase games?

Luckily, all of the major players in the VR field have several free games that are perfect for hours of fun. Check them out below.

HTC Vive

War Thunder

Gamers who enjoy huge, large-scale battles will find themselves right at home with War Thunder. The game pulls players into the major battles of World War II and the Korean War and pits them against dozens of others. With a wide range of plane options, as well as several playable ground vehicles, War Thunder provides hours of entertainment but enough depth to divide the truly skilled players from the lucky.

The Lab

The Lab is a combination of minigames and VR experiences that works as the perfect introduction to the genre for new players. Allowing players to explore a real-world mountain peak, throw robots boxes in Slingshot, destroy meteors and baddies in Xortex, defend a castle in Longbow, or move from demo to demo within The Hub, The Lab offers a huge number of experiences with fantastic graphical fidelity. Even though it is clearly a tech demo of what the Vive is capable of, The Lab is a great way to have fun without committing to hours of playtime.


As another entry in the ever-popular MMO survival genre, Unturned pits players against zombies, nature, and their own bodies. Starting off in one of several locations with nothing but their hands, players must find a way to defend themselves against the zombie horde, obtain food and water, and protect themselves against the various threats found in the world. Unturned has a lot to offer, and the creator of the game is constantly working to provide new updates and more content. The fact this title is free just makes it better.

Rec Room

Rec Room takes the concept of The Lab, throws in a bit of social media, and plants it all firmly in your high school gym class. Players can customize their avatars, join up with thousands of players from all over the world, and play games like Disc Golf, Zero-G Paddle Ball, Dodgeball, and more. That said, because this game draws heavily on the social aspects, there is a lot of chatter and talking involved. Rec Room offers players the ability to mute, ignore, and report players who create a less-than-savory gaming experience.

Surgeon Simulator

Surgeon Simulator is a self-proclaimed ‘darkly humorous’ game that puts players in the operating room. With the goal of performing a successful surgery on the patient in front of you, Surgeon Simulator often becomes something else entirely. With a host of off-the-wall Easter eggs and achievements, players will likely spend more time tearing out organs and smashing bones than actually trying to save the patient. The integration of VR controls lends a sort of savage entertainment to the title.

Oculus Rift



In Laserface, players take on the role of a character with a peculiar problem: he can’t stop shooting lasers from his face. (At least Cyclops could wear sunglasses to block his lasers! Worst superpower ever.) That said, the game is a lot of fun. With gameplay similar to the classic title Asteroids, Laserface makes use of the Rift’s head tracking to aim at targets. Whenever an object is destroyed, debris rains down around the player. While simple, Laserface’s gameplay makes for easy fun.



If Minformer looks slightly like Minecraft, there’s a reason: it draws inspiration from the ever-popular building game. Minformer itself is a platformer that challenges players to navigate from block to block without plummeting to their doom. With different camera options, Minformer is a uniquely challenging game, but the satisfaction one feels upon completion makes it absolutely worthwhile.


Farlands is one of those rare titles that comes along and blows away first impressions. Free games, unfortunately, have a bit of a negative connotation. Farland’s absolutely beautiful graphics and implementation of VR mechanics make it one of the better free titles available on Rift. Despite the somewhat silly plot, the daily updates keep the game interesting and encourage the player to revisit the title time and time again.

Lucky’s Tale

At two hours long, Lucky’s Tale isn’t one of the epic games that you’ll be talking about for years to come. However, it does serve as a great introduction to virtual reality gameplay. The VR implementation grants a feeling of depth as the camera sinks in around you in tight spaces or in the way Lucky waves if you lean in. That said, much of the title is too easy for more hardcore players. It’s a great title for a non-gamer curious about VR, but serious gamers will likely want something with more depth and challenge.

Gear VR

Smash Hit

Smash Hit is a 3D, virtual reality take on classic titles like Breakout. Armed with a ball, your goal is to destroy the crystals that appear in front of you. Successfully destroying these crystals gives you more balls to throw, and if you break enough crystals in a row, you’re granted five balls at once. This makes it a lot easier to shatter crystals found in more distant areas. Movement is rail-based, guiding you in a straight line as the crystals appear in front. Make sure to destroy them; crashing into the crystal resets you down to one ball, and the game ends if you miss your shot and run out of balls. The game is easy to pick up and play and is a lot of fun, even for non-gamers.

Oculus Arcade

Oculus Arcade is just what it sounds like: a virtual arcade that lets you dive into beloved classics like Pac-Man, Sonic, and other Sega and Midway titles. While the free version limits the titles you have access to, paying for the full version will let you play all 22 games for as long as you want. However, it’s definitely one you’ll need a game pad for; the Gear VR controls won’t cut it for this one.


COLOSSE isn’t a game in the traditional sense. It’s a player-driven narrative; where you focus your gaze is where the action happens. The story takes place in the world around you, even if you aren’t watching it. The story is told by an unseen character through a series of voiceovers. The stylistic, beautiful art style will keep you engaged and entertained throughout the entire experience.

Sky Fighter: Training Day

Sky Fighter does something everyone secretly wants to do: it puts the player in control of an Iron Man-like suit. Training Day is the first mission of the game, and is available for free to Gear VR users. Additional missions must be purchased. The game looks impressive, particularly for a Gear VR title, and the experience of piloting a mechanized suit of armor is one you don’t want to miss.

Google Cardboard

Star Wars VR

Star Wars is one of those fictional worlds that almost everyone wants to experience. While the recent release of Battlefront made it possible, it doesn’t hold a candle to actually stepping into the world of Star Wars through virtual reality. Star Wars VR lets viewers immerse themselves in the universe. See the wreckage of a crashed Star Destroyer, listen as a speeder flies past, and watch as BB-8 happily rolls his way across the sands of Jakku.

Radial G-Infinity

Radial G-Infinity is a simple, fun racer that follows a familiar pattern. Follow the tracks, but make sure to change lanes to avoid holes, aliens, and slowdown zones. You can also pick up items and power-ups to help you along the way. The pace of the game is rapid, but captivating; it will keep you coming back to get your score just a little bit higher each and every time.

Roller Coaster VR

Roller Coaster VR is another experience that is less game and more movie, but it’s a great simulation of what an actual roller coaster is like. You’re able to look around and check out a lot of different angles while on the ride. Just be warned: with this much movement, motion sickness is a possibility.

Cyclops Duck Hunt

How many gamers’ first peripheral was the light gun on the NES? Now that experience is back. In Cyclops Duck Hunt, you take the role of a cyclops who woke up from a nap, only to discover that ducks have invaded his territory. You use your laser vision to blast them out of the sky. The game is as straightforward as that; look around in 360 degrees and try to knock out as many as possible. Shooting a duck will kill it, and it will drop cash on the ground. As you shoot them and fill up a meter, a special duck will appear. The game is simple, easy fun with a bit of nostalgia tossed in.

What do you think of these games and have you tried any out? Have we missed one that you think should be on the list and which is your favourite game for your VR headset? Let us know your views down below.

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