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As last week’s E3 came to an end, gamers around the world collectively breathed a sigh of relief. They could nap; the excitement was over. The three days of staring at the screen with wide eyes and racing hearts had finished. Now comes the harder part: waiting.

There are already a ton of great Oculus Rift games available right now, but the future is looking even brighter. Here’s just a few of the upcoming Oculus Rift games that have us most excited!

rockband-vrRockband VR

Price: Unknown

Rock Band allowed players to live the rock star life in glorious, four-player co-op. Now it’s back, this time in virtual reality. Of course, Rock Band VR is a bit different from the previous games in that it only features the guitar, rather than all four instruments. The Oculus Touch controller mounts to the top of the guitar and tracks movement.

Rock Band VR drops the player on the stage in first person and allows them to see their band mates standing in front of and behind them. However, aside from a few features (like the ability to knock over the mic stand with the guitar), Rock Band VR plays similarly to the other iterations of the series. According to the development team, Rock Band VR is a relatively new idea. They finished product is supposed to look significantly different from the GDC  and E3 demo.

Wilson’s Heart

Price: Unknown

Virtual reality has seen a massive boom in horror titles, as the sense of immersion makes the terror all the more real. That said, Wilson’s Heart takes the setting of many classic horror films (and is reminiscent of Shutter Island) and tosses the player headfirst into an adventure game.

Using the Touch controllers, the player explores the area and looks for items to advance farther in the game. The strong sense of realism in Wilson’s Heart comes through in many small ways. For example, rather than searching frantically for a key to a fire extinguisher, the player can simply knock the glass out and open the door. The premise of the game involves the player, a character known as Wilson, and the strange new heart doctors have given him. What abilities that heart grants are not yet known, but the demo promises for an exciting experience.

killling-floorKilling Floor: Incursion

Price: Unknown

The Killing Floor franchise has always been popular among gamers for the tense, frenetic pace of the action. The latest addition to the series combines those same elements with virtual reality to immerse players in deeper than ever before. Using the Oculus Touch controllers, players wield blades, guns, and other weapons to hold off the onslaught of horrific creatures and discover where exactly the beasts originate from.

While there aren’t many solid details yet concerning the title, everything shown at E3 seems to promise a fantastic, terrifying experience that makes good use of the Oculus Touch controllers while moving around in a truly horific VR setting.

eagle-flightEagle Flight

Price: Unknown

Spread your wings, take to the skies, and finally experience what it means to fly; all of these can summarize Ubisoft’s recently-announced Eagle Flight. Players control an eagle avatar as they race through the skies, between buildings, and thread narrow obstacles in order to reach their destination before their friends.

Eagle Flight will have a single-player mode, as well as up to six players in a single multiplayer match. Dog fights, races, and much more are promised. Players will soar above an abandoned Paris some 50 years after humanity has disappeared from the face of the earth. It’s Crimson Skies with features.

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Sky sportsSky Sports VR

Price: Free

Sky Sports VR will soon place you in the middle of a football match (The European Football, and not American Football) along with dozens of other sports. You can soon be placed inside a boxing match, follow riders along the Tour de France, or race along with Formula 1 racers. The idea of being placed in the center of the action makes sports sound more thrilling and exciting than ever before. Sky isn’t the first organization working with VR to watch games – The NBA has experimented with VR experiences already, and while you cannot watch a whole game in VR there is some excellent content in the apps.

Sky’s invested heavily in VR content, and will have some of the biggest sporting events available in VR. While the app will be free, there will likely be charges to watch boxing matches or other high profile sporting events. Either way, you’ll have the best seats in the house with your Oculus Rift.

headerSerious Sam VR: The Last Hope

Price: Unknown
If you’ve been playing Serious Sam since the early days, you’ll be excited for the VR version of ‘Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope.’ You’ll get to step into the shoes of Sam, and fight the aliens and help take back Earth from the extraterrestrial beings. It’s an old school game being built specifically for VR, and it’s one we’ve loved and seen remade for the Xbox 360 and other platforms.

They became a classic PC game that became popular enough to jump platforms, and now they have another shot at becoming a classic VR game that could be ported to the Vive or other VR headsets in the future. The games currently in an early access beta on the Steam store, and we could see a final release in the not so distant future.

64c45d_b795b08d99a44e00bdaeafe5868845d0Paranormal Activity VR

Price: Unknown

Horror games have taken off in recent months, and VR horror games have been frightening if you are brave enough to play the games. Paranormal Activity VR takes it to another level with their horror game that’s scaring the pants off many of their players. The game will revolve around a haunted house where you have to protect yourself from Demons, and along the way, you’ll discover a story that’s fit for the Paranormal Activity movie.

The game will change how you think about horror games in VR, and the demos have show players jumping and screaming like they’re really in a haunted house. There is close to 3 hours of story and over 6 hours of gameplay, so you’ll have more than enough time to scare your pants off! While there is no solid release date, it’s clear the developers are working hard to make the game the best experience yet!

startrek1Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Price: Unknown

“To boldly go where no man has gone before.” Science fiction fans know those words by heart, and have often longed for a deeply immersive experience that let them explore the world of Star Trek for themselves. That was never an option until now. Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a four-player co-op game that allows players to take on one of four roles: Tactical, Helm, Engineering, and Captain.

The players have to work together in order to succeed. Star Trek: Bridge Crew includes AI companions that can take on the other positions when necessary, but playing with friends makes the experience so much better. Explore space, fight Klingons, and much more.

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dead-and-buriedDead & Buried

Price: Unknown

Dead & Buried places the player in the midst of the Old West. The player is guided on their quest to become the best gunslinger this side of the Mississippi by a wise-cracking old ghost. The game uses the Oculus Touch controllers for aiming and reloading, and the goal of the game is simple: shoot targets and score points. There are bonuses throughout the level like cans and bottles that can be shot in between rounds.

Dead & Buried does a fantastic job of sinking the player into the game and allowing them to implement their own personal style into how they play. Ever wanted to spin a gun around your hand like an old west gunslinger? Now you can. Just be careful not to shoot yourself in the process.

So that’s some of the upcoming titles we are really looking forward to seeing hit the Rift. What about you? Know of any other great upcoming Rift games? Let us know about them in the comments below.

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