Sony’s long-awaited PlayStation VR has arrived, and while there are quite a few solid launch titles, the future looks even brighter with games spanning popular series including Star Trek, Resident Evil, and all-new games that look to showcase Sony’s VR experience.

Without further ado, we go through some of the most intriguing looking upcoming games, as well as their release dates — well, at least for the titles that have been confirmed. 

star-trek-thumbStar Trek: Bridge Crew

Release date: Nov 29, 2016

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a four-player cooperative game designed for HTC Vive that allows players to take one of four roles: Tactical, Helm, Engineering, and the most desired: Captain. Let the “Make it so,” jokes fly.

If players do not have enough people to fill all four roles, AI will take over. However, it is much more fun to plot a course, raise and lower shields, arm photon torpedoes, and relive all the Star Trek action that fans have come to love throughout the years. Everyone who has tried out the game has said the same thing: they felt totally committed to the mission and completely immersed in the world.

Check it out – Star Trek: Bridge Crew hands on


Tekken 7

Release date: TBA, 2017

Tekken 7 is expected to have VR content exclusively for the Playstation VR. We really don’t know much about what this content will look like and whether or not it will just be a special mode, the whole game, etc. Still, fans of the series can certainly consider this something worth looking forward to.


Release date: TBA

Straight from the mind of Impulse Gear, Farpoint is a title that places the player right in the midst of an alien world full of enemies dead-set on ending you. The premise of the game sets the theme: on a mission to pick up scientists on a research mission near Jupiter, an anomaly in space transports both the players and the scientists to a world that doesn’t know the meaning of hospitality.

It’s the first title to make use of a brand-new controller: the PS VR Aim. Shaped much like a gun, this controller boasts one to one tracking, allowing perfect control of your weapon in the virtual world. The PS VR Aim allows players to do things that are impossible in a standard FPS.

Players have to fight their way across the hostile landscape and find out what happened to the rest of their team. Farpoint looks to be equal parts FPS and intense thriller.

Check out our hands-on with Farpoint!

resident-evil-7-thumbResident Evil 7

Release date:  Jan 24, 2017

Resident Evil has been seen in recent years more as a blockbuster series than a survival horror game. The trailer shown at E3 changed that completely. Creepy hallways, flashes of distorted memories, and an atmosphere that’d raise goose bumps on Freddy Krueger were met with gasps and excitement.

Perhaps best of all, Resident Evil 7 is fully compatible with Playstation VR. Horror games have faced a bit of a renaissance in recent years, and the implementation of virtual reality creates a sense of immersion that makes the terror all the more real.

Though the trailer shows parts of the game that aren’t actually going to be playable, Masachika Kawata, producer of Resident Evil 7, promises that the entire game will be a return to its roots. He promises “herbs” will make a return, and that some players have already found an item that relates to the overall Resident Evil universe.

Keep in mind that the original VR demo caused nausea for a lot of folks, but the game’s developers insist these issues will be worked out by the time the game actually releases.



Release date:  TBA

Golem will be one of the first hybrid virtual reality console games. The game looks polished and overall aesthetically pleasing. Part of the game will be spent controlling a human character with a DualShock controller who’s crafting the eponymous fictional creatures. When it’s time to take them out for a spin, you’ll wear the headset and see the world through the creature’s’ eyes.

Creating the creatures and letting you see from there perspective feels a little like your playing as God in the game. The game offers different experiences with light playful experiences creating the creatures, then exploring with them, and then the most intense experience of battling with the Golem’s.

Based on the games above which ones are you the most excited to check out when they arrive for the Playstation VR? Did we miss any games that you are looking forward to? Let us know down in the comments.

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