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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Engineering : Landscape of Imagination

Posted Aug 9, 2017 by Srushti Imx

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    Srushti IMX:
    “Virtual reality is the first step to a grand adventure into the landscape of imagination”. As they say our thoughts create our reality, VR makes it possible to convert our thoughts digitally and execute them virtually.

    When the famous, Tony Stark (a.k.a) Iron man suits up to take on to the world, we are all blown away by his powerful armour. How does he check each and every function of the suit virtually? It’s all Augmented reality! From its superhuman strength, his ability to fly, and functioning of weapons as he can feel and see each and everything in a 3D environment. Not forgetting Jarvis, a highly advanced computerised artificial intelligence, who handles all the tricky calculations for Iron Man. All of this is nothing but the use of Augmented reality to see the potential design flaws and eliminate the errors.

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