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Job posting reveals Amazon is creating a VR platform

by Dan Bartram March 9, 20160 comments

VR Summit to be held at London Games Festival next month

by Dan Bartram March 9, 20161 comments

XLR on HTC Vive is tower defense virtual reality at its best

by Dan Bartram March 10, 20160 comments

Epic Games to reveal brand new VR content at GDC 2016 

by Dan Bartram March 10, 20160 comments
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Netflix VR is now available for Google’s Daydream View

Netflix has launched yet another app in the Play Store, this time specifically for Google’s Daydream virtual reality headset.
by Brian ReighDecember 12, 2016

Google Cardboard – everything you need to know

We take a look at Google Cardboard and tell you everything you need to know from where to get it, what games there are, and more.
by VR SourceDecember 9, 2016

Google clarifies requirements for Daydream VR-ready phones

Google finally laid out the requirements that a smartphone must meet in order to be deemed Daydream VR-ready.
by Bogdan PetrovanNovember 9, 2016

Eyefluence VR eye-tracking tech company acquired by Google

Eyefluence, which launched in 2013 and has developed eye tracking technology for use in VR applications, has been acquired by Google.
by John CallahamOctober 25, 2016

Next VR headset from Google may have eye tracking and real-world mapping features

A new rumor claims that plans for the next VR headset from Google could include adding eye tracking and real-world mapping features.
by John CallahamOctober 24, 2016

Google Daydream – everything you need to know

Join us as we take a look at Google's upcoming Daydream platform and what its all about.
by VR SourceOctober 14, 2016

Google announces Daydream View, coming in November for $79

The first Daydream-ready smartphone on the market is Google’s new Pixel and the first headset for the platform is Daydream View, coming soon for $79.
by Bogdan PetrovanOctober 4, 2016

Google and Udacity now have a VR Developer Nanodegree

If you've ever wanted to get started in VR development but were unsure where to start, Google and Udacity have teamed up to show you the way.
by Dan BartramSeptember 28, 2016

Start building your Daydream apps, Google VR SDK exits beta

After a few months in beta, Google's Daydream VR SDK has hit version 1.0 and is now available to download from the company's developer site.
by Robert TriggsSeptember 23, 2016

Tilt Brush by Google introduces Audio Reactive Brushes

Google issued a major update to its Tilt Brush app for the HTC Vive introducing what it's calling audio reactive brushes.
by Dan BartramAugust 7, 2016
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