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Job posting reveals Amazon is creating a VR platform

by Dan Bartram March 9, 20160 comments

VR Summit to be held at London Games Festival next month

by Dan Bartram March 9, 20161 comments

XLR on HTC Vive is tower defense virtual reality at its best

by Dan Bartram March 10, 20160 comments

Epic Games to reveal brand new VR content at GDC 2016 

by Dan Bartram March 10, 20160 comments
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IMAX debuts new virtual reality experience – here’s where to check it out

IMAX is taking their classic immersive experience into the future by offering VR pods for users to try out virtual reality.
by David Imel7 days ago

HTC and Intel are teaming up on a WiGig wireless solution for the Vive

HTC confirmed during CES 2017 last week that it is working with Intel on a WiGig wireless version for the HTC Vive VR headset.
by John Callaham2 weeks ago

HTC unveils the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap with integrated headphones

The newly announced Deluxe Audio Strap comes with integrated on-ear headphones, interior padding, and an easy-to-adjust sizing dial.
by Mitja Rutnik3 weeks ago

HTC announces Viveport subscription plan, coming “early 2017”

The service will offer "access to an ever-growing library of content" for a "low monthly fee."
by Scott Adam Gordon3 weeks ago

HTC announces the “Vive Tracker” to use real objects in the virtual world

HTC has announced a new tracking puck that can attach to multiple objects to bring them into the virtual world.
by David Imel3 weeks ago

HTC may reveal the Vive 2 headset at CES 2017, with wireless support and 4K displays (Update: no they won’t)

A new report claims HTC will reveal the Vive 2 VR headset at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, with wireless support and 4K displays.
by John Callaham4 weeks ago

Deal: Snag the HTC Vive for $100 off, plus a $100 gift card, at the Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store is currently selling the HTC Vive VR headset for $699 (a $100 discount) until December 27, along with a free $100 gift card.
by John Callaham4 weeks ago

Thumper makes its way to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

The game industry is filled with exclusives. Many of these titles stay on their initial platform for the lifetime of the franchise, but sometimes these ‘exclusives’ ...
by David ImelDecember 20, 2016

HTC Vive likely the 2nd best selling VR headset of 2016

HTC's Vive is said to have reached 500,000 units in total sales this year, outpacing the Oculus Rift and coming in 2nd place for most popular VR headset.
by David ImelDecember 15, 2016

HTC launches “Vive Studios” to highlight the open VR standard

There has been quite a bit of drama in the past few months surrounding companies such as Oculus due to their funding of “hardware exclusive” titles. There is a ...
by David ImelDecember 8, 2016
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