The 2018 version of the Mac Pro might finally bring VR headsets to MacOS

Currently, PC VR headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift only support Windows-based desktops and notebooks. VR hardware makers have said in the past that Mac-based PCs simply do not have the hardware requirements needed to run their products. That could finally change in 2018 with the launch of a new version of the Mac Pro desktop.

Apple revealed this week that the next Mac Pro will be easier to upgrade compared to the cylindrical black case design made for the current version of the desktop PC. In a chat with TechCrunch, Craig Federighi, the SVP of Software Engineering at Apple, said that the people who might need the 2018 edition of the Mac Pro might include folks who work with applications that need “heavy 3D graphics”. That might also include VR apps, according to Federighi.

Of course, it’s way too early to even guess if the new version of the Mac Pro will get the needed hardware inside to use VR headsets like the Rift and Vive. Even if that were to happen, the companies behind those headsets would still need make the move to support MacOS, which would likely be no small feat.

Also, keep in mind that the Mac Pro is typically the most expensive version of the Mac you can buy. The current version is priced starting at $2,999. That means that even if the new Mac Pro can run VR headsets, it will be a highly expensive proposition compared to Windows PCs. You can buy such a PC for well under $1,000 today and it can still support the Vive and Rift.

Do you think Apple needs to do more to make its Mac family of products more accessible for VR hardware and software, or do you think they should just let Windows PCs have all the fun? Let us know your feelings on this issue in the comments!


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