The first hands-on impressions of Acer’s mixed reality headset are solid

A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced it has started shipping the first development kits for its upcoming PC-based mixed reality headset efforts, which were made by Acer. Today, an article has the first public hands-on impressions based on using one of those headsets, and at first glance it seems very promising.

According to Engadget’s impressions, Acer’s VR headset contains two cameras in the front. This allows the device to track objects in the real world without having to set up sensors in a room like you have to do with the current HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets. The visor in the front can also flip up, so you can see the real world without having to take the entire headset off.

Engadget says that while Acer’s mixed reality headset is a bit heavy towards the front, it can be adjusted so it can still rest comfortably on a person’s head and used for an hour or two. The user was able to see a virtual living room while wearing Acer’s development kit, although it was hard to move around in that scene with the use of an Xbox One controller. The writer was also able to view a model of the solar system on the device, and move it around with that controller.

While Acer’s development kit shows promise, it will still be several months before a consumer version of the headset is released. Microsoft is working with the company, along with others like Dell, HP, and Lenovo, to launch the first mixed reality products to the public by the end of 2017. Pricing is supposed to be around $300 or so, which would make it cheaper than the Rift or Vive, but more expensive than mobile VR headsets like the Samsung Gear VR and Google’s Daydream View.

Do you think these Microsoft endorsed mixed reality headsets will be a good middle ground for VR experiences? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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