Actions, Imagination, and Nibiru team up on 2K VR headset solution



Virtual reality is great, but most experiences would be a whole lot nicer if we weren’t tethered to our computers. We’ve seen a couple new all-in-one solutions from companies like Intel in the past couple of months, but so far nothing has come through as being truly viable for high quality VR entertainment. Now, 3 Chinese companies have come together to produce a reference design which they think should pump out some high quality virtual experiences.

Nibiru is manufacturing the device, and is looking to bring VR headsets into the era of ‘faster, cleaner, and more power-saving technology’. Utilizing the new high performance S900VR SoC from Action Semiconductor, the group is looking to create an untethered experience which can provide just as much joy as competitors like HTC or Oculus. The chip is designed to support 360 degree panoramic 4k video and effects with high refresh rates and low persistence to produce latency under 20ms. Using these new techniques, the company is looking to help move the world towards high quality VR that can support all kinds of new media.

The S900VR utilizes Imagination’s PowerVR G6230 GPU which the company says can produce advanced graphics performance with market leading power efficiency. Aimed at immersive 360 degree video, the chip is made to help viewers experience higher quality content for a longer amount of time.

Based on the collaboration, Actions’ S900 SoC is able to achieve around 10% more frames per second (fps) at up to 10% lower power consumption versus Actions’ previous generation products.

says Dr. Zhenyu Zhou, CEO of Actions Semiconductor.

This leads to a headset that can run for a longer time at high speed while delivering a more immersive VR experience.

Actions and Nibiru are putting their SoC and headsets up for sale soon, and interested parties should contact them if they are interested in utilizing the hardware themselves.

While we still have yet to see just how well the new all-in-one experience performs, it should be interesting to test it when it launches in the coming months.

Would an untethered experience change your decision to buy a VR headset? We think it would help the market to grow at a much faster rate, since it does not require a powerful PC to operate.

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