Adobe Premiere Pro upgrade makes editing VR easier


Adobe Premier Pro just received an update to include tools for editing 360 degree video and VR content. We’ve seen plenty of hardware that is capable of shooting content but not necessarily what you can use to edit it.

The new version that shows as 2015.3 adapts all the editing tools used for standard video editing for use with VR making immersive content customisable to look even better.

With VR video mode, you can use pan and tilt controls to preview the experience from the viewer perspective.

Adobe have released a new tutorial video to take you through the special editing tools that even includes a special VR view mode that will allow you to click around the image just like you would on YouTube 360 videos.

You can work with different VR Video formats, up to a full sphere of 360 horizontal by 180 degrees vertical of captured view, along with Stereoscopic View – Left, Right and Anaglyph. You can choose a view from the left or right eye in stereoscopic video, or in a red/cyan anaglyph format. Premiere Pro also allows you to work with VR footage that was captured in less than a full 360 degree sphere of view.

You’ll also be able to edit the field of view for content and upload it directly to YouTube and Facebook.

This is a huge step forward for those wanting to edit Virtual Reality video using Adobe Premier Pro to make it as easy as if you were editing a normal video. The update is now live as part of the Creative Cloud Suite.

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