Alien: Covenant will aim to scare VR headset owners as well as movie goers

VR headset owners will be going back to the place where no one can hear you scream in 2017. 20th Century Fox has announced it is developing a VR experience based on the upcoming sci-fi horror prequel Alien: Covenant.

According to The Verge,  the movie studio says it will allow VR owners to get a “dread-inducing journey into the depths of the Alien universe.” Hopefully that means lots of scares from attacking facehuggers and the big xenomorphs. The movie is being directed by original Alien director Ridley Scott, and is a continuation of his previous film Prometheus. The movie is due out on May 19, but there’s no specific date for when the VR experience will be launched, other than sometime “this year.” There’s also no word on which VR platforms will be supported.

The Alien: Covenant VR experience will be co-developed by Scott’s RSA Films, the virtual reality production house MPC VR, and the Fox Innovation Lab. The movie studio previously released a VR experience based on The Martian, which was again directed by Scott. However, that app was launched over a year after the movie debuted in theaters. Let’s just hope that the Alien: Covenant VR app doesn’t take quite that long to come out.


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