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360-degree capturing cameras have seemingly become the rage of late, thanks in part to the recent entrants from Samsung and LG, but there are still several other companies that you might not have heard about that is also in this budding new segment. For instance, the ALLie Camera should be another 360-degree camera that should be on your radar, not only for the obvious, but because it doubles also as a security camera. While we were perusing CE Week 2016 in New York City, we got our first look at this competitive 360-degree camera that’s currently available for purchase.

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In standard fashion, you kind of know it’s a 360-degree from afar due to its spherical shape – more so, however, when you look around and realize there are two camera lenses on it. There’s really nothing our of the ordinary with its design, which some will probably draw comparisons to the Samsung Gear 360. Since it technically offers a smidgen more functionality, it doesn’t surprise us that there’s a bit of girth. Furthermore, there’s also a mount ring on it, so that you can attach it to the wall or ceiling.

Speaking of cameras, the two 8-megapixel fisheye camera lenses have a maximum resolution of 2448 x 2448 each – ensuring that the entire area is covered, and that no blind spots exist. Also, it achieves 4K video capture to provide that immersive experience you’re not going to get on a standard security camera. Another unique thing that we should note, too, is that it offers extra functionality in the form of its night vision mode – something that you won’t find in too many cameras of this caliber.

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Using the accompanying app, available for Android and iOS, you can tap into the ALLie Camera for a live feed. We were actually impressed by the quality and performance, given that the Wi-Fi connectivity at these shows tend to be wonky and unreliable, but here we were able to quickly and smoothly access the camera. There’s a mode that transforms the feed into a stereoscopic view, so that you can use whatever device you have with a VR headset and immerse yourself in that 360-degree view. Even better, the ALLie Camera can be configured for YouTube streaming in 360-degree!

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All of this naturally comes at a price, which is a whopping $499 for the ALLie Camera. By comparison, the Samsung Gear 360 will be selling for $350 in the US, which is indeed a savings, but you’ll need to weigh in what features are most relevant to you. If you’re interested, the ALLie Camera is already available for purchase through a variety of vendors – such as Amazon and B&H for example.

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