Allumette claims to be the first fully immersive virtual reality feature film

Up until now, films have always been essentially the same on the immersion scale. Omitting 3D movies and giant IMAX screens, your viewing experience has always consisted at staring at a flat 2D image on a screen. Now that VR headsets are starting to hit the mainstream market, the entire art form can be transformed to add an entirely new level of immersion. Though quite a few 360 degree videos have started to hit the web over the past while, there still hasn’t been a full feature film released for consumers to experience. Now that the hardware is finally available however, Penrose Studios’, Allumette is looking to change the way you watch movies.

The entire film is 3D modeled with beautiful bright textures, and allows you to experience the world in a whole new way. Penrose designed Allumette with head tracking systems in mind, and is allowing you to lean in and examine the intricate emotions and feelings portrayed by each character. It’s like opening a grandfather clock and looking in to check out each part, it’s really a magical experience. The film’s team is filled with ex-animators from the likes of Pixar, Dreamworks, Disney, and more, and aims to deliver the new medium with just as much quality as those studios put into their own feature films.

The experience is 20 minutes and can’t be considered a full feature film, but it’s the first step in a new artistic medium that should eventually revolutionize movies. 360 degree live action films are already being worked on, but can’t offer the same level of artistic immersion as animated films, as the animated medium allows you to zoom in and out of view and continue to retain texture quality of objects. Because of this, you can watch films multiple times and carefully examine individual aspects of every corner, discovering new beautiful textures and easter eggs each time. It might be a while before 360 degree films start hitting theaters, but for now home-based movies work just as well for those who have access to the hardware.

Check out Allumette from Penrose Studios here.

via: Wired

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