AltspaceVR can give you a frontrow seat to Reggie Watts Live

AltspaceVR launched back in February and have already found uses in virtual reality by allowing teams to meet within virtual Slack environments and now the company has announced the launch of FrontRow.

The idea behind FrontRow is to give everyone a front row seat at a variety of live events, with a twist. The first event this technology will be used at will be a live performance by Reggie Watts. When people think of virtual reality, the two uses that spring to mind are gaming and viewing events from different perspectives so AltspaceVR unlocks this potential.

However, rather than live streaming the show, FrontRow mirrors performers’ avatars to the audience and the performers actions, movements, and voice are instantly mirrored to this avatar in virtual reality.

“FrontRow allows everyone who attends to have a front row seat. Do you want to have a private party and attend the show with just your friends? You can do that,” said Eric Romo, CEO of AltspaceVR. “Do you want to enjoy the show just by yourself? You can do that. Do you want to have the traditional public event experience with 50 new friends? You can do that, too.”

AltspaceVR convert everything into a digital representation of the event with FrontRow and this is projected within virtual reality.

“Working with AltspaceVR has allowed us to create a digital stage, bringing our favourite comedians to an audience that was unimaginable even a few months ago,” said Brett Kushner, Director of JASH VR Studio. “Taking shows that might normally play in a 100-seat theatre in Los Angeles and bringing them to an infinite-seat theater with a worldwide audience is proof that there’s a global appetite for quality comedic experiences.”

The idea is certainly there and allows for anyone to share the experience of what it would be like to be at the event in the frontrow, albeit with a digital representation. It doesn’t provide the exact experience you would expect when considering an event in virtual reality, but rather an alternate way of viewing. Virtual reality could replace physically attending an event eventually, but with FrontRow by AltspaceVR, it definitely appears this is a way of catching the show if you otherwise couldn’t make it, but won’t replace you actually watching it live.

The Reggie Watts show will begin on 26th May, 2016, 8pm PT / 4am GMT. To get involved, you’ll need to register here and then download AltspaceVR’s app through Google Play for Google Cardboard, the Oculus Store for Samsung’s Gear VR, Oculus Home for Oculus Rift or Steam for HTC Vive.

Via: VRFocus

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