Alzheimer’s Research UK creates VR app to raise awareness for dementia

Alzheimer’s Research UK are using VR for its latest awareness campaign to give an insight into what it would be like to live with dementia.

VR’s typical uses have seen the technology applied to gaming, social, and even real estate, but it seems that its application has been made useful in the medical industry by simulating what it can be like to live with a disorder to raise awareness.

With its immersive nature, VR can provide an extremely realistic representation of any scenario and seems perfect to raise awareness to by creating that sense of dementia for those who are unaware of the disorder.

The new app called ‘A Walk Through Dementia’, attempts to illustrate a sense of what dementia feels like for people who suffer from it. The app is an Android exclusive for Google Cardboard and puts people in everyday situations like walking home or navigating a supermarket to see how difficult it can be completing simple tasks while dealing with dementia.

“We will increasingly be asked for help by people with dementia, and having had some insight into what may be happening for them will improve how we can help,” said Tula Brannelly from the University of Southampton.

Hilary Evans, chief executive of Alzheimer’s Research UK, said the app was created to address the problem of “how we can try and to put across what life is like with dementia and then use a virtual reality app to try and explain that.”

The app has been created with input from people with dementia who helped describe just how the disorder impacts everyday situations. It is great to see VR being utilised to raise awareness for important causes and hopefully more will follow in Alzheimer’s Research UK footsteps.

Visitors to St Pancras International Station in London can try out the app until 5pm on Saturday 4 June.

Source: BBC

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