AMD Radeon RX480 is a VR-ready GPU for just $200


Computex 2016 is in full swing with plenty of great announcements coming on the mobile and PC front. However, the key announcement for VR enthusiasts is the announcement that the new AMD Radeon RX480 will be capable of running HTC Vive and Oculus Rift hardware, despite its budget-friendly price of just $199.

The base Radeon RX480 packs 4GB RAM, though a more powerful (and pricier) 8GB variant will also be sold. The RX480 has more than five teraflops of computing power and runs on AMD’s new Polaris architecture and offers rather low power draw at 150W.

With a savings of $120 or more over current VR-capable GPUs, the RX480 is a big door opener for VR. Previously, building a budget VR PC based on an AMD CPU and GPU would allow gamers to build their rigs for as low as about $820, providing they didn’t already have a case or other components they could reuse from an older build.

Swapping out something like the Radeon R9 390 for a RX480 would allow that price to come down to around $700. While that’s still not exactly priced within “mainstream reach”, it’s a big savings off the $1000+ it initially cost to get your hands on a rig capable of running VR just six months prior.

What do you think, anyone planning on jumping into the VR game with the AMD RX480? You don’t have to wait much longer, as the GPU will arrive on June 29th.

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