Apple patents new ‘Wearable Information System’ for AR applications

Google. Sony. Microsoft. Facebook.

All 4 of these companies (as well as many others) have jumped headfirst into virtual and augmented reality applications. The entirety of Silicon Valley is going crazy getting themselves into the technology while it’s hot, and it seems like every day there is a new Fortune 500 company looking to reap the profits of virtual and augmented reality. Apple however, sometimes likes to wait to enter markets, but it seems they have finally started contemplating VR and AR applications in their own product stack.

A new patent by the company shows a small module hanging around a user’s neck which uses at least one camera to recognize interesting objects and show the user more information when appropriate. The module operates on low and high power states, which can switch from essentially being in ‘sleep mode’ to recognizing patterns and sharing more information about the real world objects that it thinks you would find interesting and useful.

The patent details a number of flowcharts as to how the algorithms will work, as well as how relevant they will be to the augmented reality space.

While this technology seems incredibly high-level in concept, you never know what Apple could turn it into. While the core technology is what is being patented, Apple tends to spin simple ideas into very interesting end-user products.

Interested? You can check out the actual patent filing here.


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