Apple VR could be nearing production

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, is in India meeting with the country’s prime minister to discuss Apple’s future in India. Apple wants to expand not only their retail footprint, but also manufacturing capabilities into India. Mr. Cook is also meeting with influential Indian citizens to discuss Apple’s future, and to understand the countries habits better.

Indian actor Emraan Hashmi may have let slip what he and Mr. Cook talked about during their meeting. In a tweet, Hashmi said he was “eagerly awaiting Apple VR.” It’s unclear if Apple was showing prospective VR or if Mr. Cook merely mentioned VR in passing.

It’s possible Mr. Cook was simply asked about Android VR or VR in general, and Hashmi took his likely vague answer as confirmation Apple has a VR headset in the works. Google’s recent announcement around VR had many questioning if Apple would counter their ambushes goals with an Apple VR headset.

Tell us in the comments below if you think this was a misunderstanding or if Apple VR could be hitting production in the near future.


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