AR menus could change the way we order food

KabaQ could be about to transform the way we order food by utilizing augmented reality.

A free augmented reality app for both iOS and Android, KabaQ creates virtual food displays using multiple renders and photographs using a method called photogrammetry. Images of the food are captured from various angles and stitched together to form 3D models. These are then placed in an augmented reality menu which customers can then use to preview a meal before ordering to see exactly what it looks like.

Customers can view the meal from a multitude of different angles as well as zoom in for a closer view to give a detailed look at what you’re about to order. Usually menus are static images that have been taken of a product from a specific flattering angle with no reference to size. Viewing the models in augmented reality offer multiple views and also an exact idea of the food you’re about to order.

What’s more is that an augmented reality menu can be used to break down language barriers as you don’t need to read the menu to know what you’re ordering, you can simply see it. The possibilities extend even beyond this as having an accurate augmented reality view of the food can help assist with portion size and control which can feed into many health and weight loss programs.

KabaQ is available for FREE on Android & iOS now. You can check out some examples of their 3D rendered food via their Sketchfab.


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