AR startup Magic Leap is making immersive Star Wars experiences


Google invested over $500 million in Magic Leap who have been working on augmented and mixed reality, of which progress hasn’t been openly showcased. However, the company have given a glimpse into what its technology can do with an immersive Star Wars experience.

Magic Leap have today announced that it is working with LucasFilm and ILMxLABD to build a Star Wars experience that can show what it’d be like to have C-3PO and R2-D2 just wandering around the office.

The video states that it was shot directly through Magic Leap technology but there is very little detail into what that actually entails. Clues appeared last week in a new design patent from Magic Leap that showed a VR-like headset with a large visor that the company could utilise its technology as a viewing platform. Given the company work more in augmented reality as opposed to virtual reality, the Magic Leap headset would more likely be closer to the appearance of the Microsoft HoloLens where the real world is visible around you.

Google has said that it sees augmented reality as the future as opposed to virtual reality, but seems invested in both technologies when it comes to Daydream VR and Magic Leap. Judging by the video, it seems that AR certainly has come a long way with the technology Magic Leap has been working. Hopefully the company are planning on releasing some real-world products in the near future to showcase its tech and it certainly is shaping up to be extremely interesting. With a valuation pushing on $3.7 billion, you would expect the company to be looking at bringing products to market to maintain that growth.

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