Western shooter “The Arcslinger” now available on Daydream View

Daydream View has only officially been on the market for a few days now, but it has already gotten some great reviews from tech sites across the globe. Google said it would have 30 titles available at launch, and while a few of those have taken a bit longer to be pushed out, they have proved themselves to be very polished experiences. One of these many experiences is a title called The Arcslinger.

Based in a futuristic western-style world, The Arcslinger throws players into a fast-paced universe where speed is your greatest ally. Playing as the muscular hero Valiant and wielding his trusty gun Angelheart, players are tasked with taking on the planet’s greatest villain, Gold Smoke. There are 15 different levels to play through, all with their own landscapes and themes. By taking down various henchman and goons along the way, players will find different upgrades called “Arcs” which they will be able to use to customize Angelheart.

Big Red Button, the developers behind the title have just released a trailer to show potential purchasers exactly what to expect when they play the game, and you can check that out above. Though it isn’t exactly a traditional first person shooter, the title look like it takes advantage of the built in remote fantastically, and should result in a grand old time for fans of the wild west. For those who love the new competitive game OverwatchThe Arcslinger has a very similar feel in terms of art style, so if that’s your thing, get slinging.

The Arcslinger can be had for $7.99 USD on the Google Play store and is available now.

Are you looking to pick up the title? I’ve been searching for a use for my Google Opinion Rewards money for a long time now, and it seems I’ve finally found it.

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