Batman: Arkham VR is coming to PC April 25th

Batman: Arkham VR was first launched alongside the Sony Playstation VR last year, and it received pretty raving reviews due to it’s immersive gameplay and encapsulating storyline. The title was launched as a Playstation VR exclusive, and many assumed that it was meant to stay that way. However, a new announcement trailer has lifted the veil of exclusivity and revealed that the title will be making its way to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift later this month on April 25th.

Whether or not the team had originally intended to release solely on Playstation VR is unknown, but with the smashing success of the Rift Touch controllers and with the HTC Vive releasing a number of new accessories, it would only make sense that the developers would want to offer it across multiple platforms. Players who prefer PC to console will finally have the opportunity to traverse through Gotham as Bruce Wayne, taking down allies and solving mysteries, so get excited.

Have you played the title on the Playstation VR? Were you hoping it would eventually make its way to PC?

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