Arktika.1 hands on @ Oculus Connect 3

Virtual reality has revolutionized quite a few genres over the last few months, but none have evolved as much as horror. Arktika.1 takes everything you love about gritty exploration games and steps it up a notch with stunning visuals and intuitive controls. Through a mix of dark corridors and actually quite difficult enemies, the title brings a lot to VR which has been missing in similar titles.

The title is produced by 4a games, the creators of Metro: 2033 and Metro: Last Light. That fact is extremely apparent in the game, as it features graphics which are strikingly similar to that series. Arktika.1 is the company’s first forray outside of Metro, though it follows the same overall Eastern European post-apocalyptic theme. That said, this time around the setting is actually a bit further into the future, in a world where a new ice age has since emerged.


The game places the player inside a secret government facility, with an unknown task besides moving forward and taking out enemies. There are a wide range of guns that users can select from at the start, with the option of taking two along with them on the mission. In addition, the opening sequence also introduces a number of add-ons, such as a scope for more precise aiming, and a flashlight for better navigation of the dark corridors.


In the demo, users will discover a new type of weapon which works a bit like a boomerang, gaining the ability to direct their shots around corners and over walls. This is a pretty intuitive feature, and we could see even more new interesting elements being present in the full release.

Like we mentioned earlier, the horror aspect of this title was especially apparent. As players progress throughout the game, they have to fight off a variety of mutants, in addition to the regular human enemies. These mutant creatures are actually really scary, and your heart starts racing when they come towards you. There is a moment in the game in which you are heading up an elevator shaft with these creatures clinging to the outside, and I felt the need to shoot them off as fast as possible, as the notion of them getting remotely close to me make my skin crawl.


Overall, we were extremely impressed with the quality of content 4a have brought forward in the title. As Arktika is still very much in the development phase, the game isn’t arriving this year but has been slate for a Spring 2017 release.

In the meantime, be sure to stay tuned to VR Source for more great news and details from Oculus Connect 3.

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