ASUS announces the ROG G701VI GTX 1080-powered laptop


In the past, it has almost always been the case that gaming laptops have been much less powerful than gaming desktops. Even at the top of the line, gaming laptops had cut down versions of NVIDIA or AMD GPUs that couldn’t quite match the power of their desktop counterparts. Back in August, however, NVIDIA did a full 180 and revealed they were making full desktop class GPU chips available to a variety of high-end laptops. Multiple models have been trickling in throughout the last couple of months, but it is extremely seldom that we see a laptop with a full GTX 1080 GPU look as good as the new ASUS ROG G701VI.

While there are a couple of laptops like the Razer Blade Pro which beat out the G701VI in terms of thickness, the specs more than make up for the extra bit of girth. That said, the laptop only measures in at 32.5mm, which is incredibly thin for what it offers. The G701VI sports a full-fledged Intel Core i7-6700HQ or i7-6820k unlocked Skylake CPU, as well as 64GB of 2400MHz DDR4 RAM and that fully fledged GTX 1080 GPU. With these three pieces of hardware in combination, users should be able to completely obliterate any application thrown at them. And while those specs are all nice and fancy, the real star here is the 120Hz G-SYNC enabled display. Before NVIDIA’s Pascal architecture was released, these high refresh rate screens were essentially not possible on laptops, and having the ability to experience the fluidity of these screens on the go is something magical in itself.

Other interesting specifications include 30-key rollover, (2) USB 3.0 ports, (2) USB 3.1 Type-C ports, (1) Mini DisplayPort and (1) HDMI. With this many I/O options available, you should be able to connect virtually any peripheral, so don’t worry about a lack of connectivity.

The ROG G701VI should be able to run any VR system you have on hand, including Rifts, Vives, and everything in between. With the portability that Asus is touting, this system should make an absolutely amazing portable VR system. Pricing is currently unknown, but keep your eyes on for all the latest updates.

What do you think about the Asus ROG G701VI? Are you getting one for your Vive?


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