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Madefire will bring your comics to life in VR

Your favorite comics will soon be brought to life in an immersive 3D experience on the Samsung Gear VR thanks to the work of Madefire.

Oculus CTO: VR will fail unless it escapes ‘novelty’ use

John Carmack of 'Doom' fame and Oculus CTO believes that drastic creative innovations will be necessary to sustain virtual reality in the near future.

Google Daydream VR demos showcase animation potential

This week Google released two new videos showing users taking advantage of some of Daydream’s capabilities in two animation-based experimental apps.

Minecraft Realms makes cross-platform play on Windows, iOS, Android, and VR a reality

Minecraft Realms went live today, so you and your friends can build together regardless of what device you're running the game on. Except for consoles.

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