Autodesk announces updates to VR and 3D animation tools at Siggraph 2016


Autodesk has always been adamant about creating state of the art modeling and animation software to redefine how artists do their work. With the coming of virtual reality, the company is looking to advance its Stingray 3D engine and real time rendering software to support this new technology, and is hoping to make it the go-to for developers looking to bring their games into the new environment. Recently at the animation developer conference Siggraph, the company announced that it is updating Stingray 1.4 as well as its Maya modeling software to help VR developers to make their software soar.

The company is touting that the Stingray 1.4 update includes better connectivity to its Maya modeling engine, which should help create a better “model to engine” workflow for developers. Along with this, the new update includes compatibility with the Oculus 1.3 SDK and SteamVR SDK 9.19. Because of this, developers using the Stingray software should have no worries when developing for these new VR platforms, and can utilize their capabilities to their heart’s extent.

Another great feature being touted by the update is “flow scripting” capabilities, which allow developers to easily implement HTC Vive controller support. This is great for those looking to move their title to the platform, as it helps to more rapidly add motion support for those that have currently only implemented head tracking. Adding this feature also allows more time to be spent on the scenes of the game, which can now be added in their entirety using the software’s “level sync” capabilities with Maya. This significantly increases the speed of workflow. and can help to get great games out all that much faster.

Seeing virtual reality capabilities being implemented directly into game engines is an exciting prospect, as it means we should see a lot more content being developed a lot faster.

Are you using these applications? Excited about the new capabilities? We hope to see some new content coming from you guys soon!

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