AxonVR could bring haptic feedback to virtual reality

AxonVR have secured a new patent that if implemented could take the level of immersion and interaction with the virtual reality world to the next level. The company have secured a patent that will be a first in the technology capabilities of current virtual reality equipment.

The patent specifically mentions “haptic technology for wearable devices” that suggests that AxonVR are exploring ways to present feedback to the user based on what they feel in the virtual reality world. AxonVR is looking to utilize the patent in its HaptX platform which includes multiple modules. The HaptX platform includes HaptX Skin – a haptic smart textile, HaptX skeleton – a whole force-feedback exoskeleton that the user wears, and HaptX SDK, which is a software toolkit that allows developers to create their own vision for a unique experience utilizing all of these devices.

“This patent is a product of years of cutting-edge research and development in haptic technology” said Jake Rubin, Founder and CEO, AxonVR. “It provides comprehensive protection for the novel microfluidic technology at the heart of AxonVR’s HaptX Platform.”

What makes what AxonVR is doing so interesting is that it takes virtual reality to the next level. We’re still exploring the VR technology and making it better in simplistic ways such as the resolution of displays, but we’re already thinking about how to expand the immersive nature of virtual reality as a whole. To be able to reach out an touch an object and feel the exact texture and feedback from that object would be incredible.

One of the patent’s inventors, Dr. Robert Crockett wants people to know that this technology is truly groundbreaking; “The novel microfluidic architecture disclosed in this patent provides an unprecedented combination of high displacement, high bandwidth, high spatial resolution, and small size for wearable haptic devices.” Dr Crockett continues; “No other haptic technology can offer this combination of features, all of which are essential for delivering realistic touch feedback.”

It’s key to keep in mind that this is still a patent but it does show that the thought is going in the direction that will enhance the virtual reality experience. We hope that AxonVR take this to the next level and we start to see some final hardware make its way to the shelves as the immersive virtual reality experience it could provide would be unparalleled.

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