Basemark’s ‘VRScore’ is a VR benchmark suite for Windows

We’ve seen a variety of benchmarking utilities over the years, helping users to understand the capabilities of their current systems and giving reviewers an opportunity to help their audiences understand the power of other hardware on the market. While traditional AAA games have been the standard of what these systems have targeted over the last number of years, virtual reality has a completely different set of requirements that normal benchmarks just can’t address.┬áBasemark is one of the leading companies in this space, creating high-end software to help push the capabilities of a system to its absolute limit, and today released a brand new benchmark targeted specifically at virtual reality applications.

The benchmark, called ‘VRScore’ supports both DirectX 11 as well as DirectX 12, meaning it can be run on most versions of Windows. You can run the benchmark with your VR headset on to see exactly what the benchmark is testing, but can also run it without a headset to see just how well your PC could run VR assuming you’re looking into buying a headset of your own.

Basemark worked closely with key industry players such as NVIDIA and AMD to develop these benchmarks, and is using the high-end CRYENGINE game engine developed by Crytech GmbH to test workloads. The benchmark can do things like testing application to photon latency simultaneously from both eyes in the display, as well as measure the real effect of using a particular headset with your specific system.

There is a free and professional version that will be arriving some time in Q2 of 2017, as well as a limited media and corporate suite that is available now. You can contact Basemark if you want to get your hands on either of these versions, but stay tuned if you’re a consumer, as many media companies will likely getting their hands on the suite to show off what different system configurations can do.

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