Best Google Cardboard apps (July 2016)

best google cardboard apps

VR is still in its infancy, and studies show consumer adoption of VR still years away. That said, it could become the next way de facto we consume all or most of our entertainment in the future. Obviously Google Cardboard doesn’t offer nearly the same level of experience as you’ll find in a more advanced VR device like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, but it represent a first taste and is an important gateway for those looking to try VR without investing hundreds or even thousands up front.

Best of all, Cardboard works with just about any Android device. Select apps even support the iPhone, though the number of apps that allow iPhone use are much smaller at this point.

In this feature, we take a look at the top VR apps you can use with Google Cardboard.


[Price: Free]

Cardboard is the Google app that they recommend you install when you first get your cardboard. It features guided tours of places like the planet Earth, the city of Versailles, and more. It also doubles as a video player, photo viewer, and more. It doesn’t have any particular point but the stuff it has not only shows you the power of VR, but it’s also kind of fun to experience. It’s also totally free so there’s no harm in grabbing it.



[Price: Free]

YouTube is an obvious choice. They’ve been pushing 360-degree video for a while and show their commitment to VR homemade video. They have videos from tours to videos created by creators like Casey Neistat. If you want to consume any VR video the best place for it right now is YouTube.

ARTE360-VR-iconARTE360 VR

[Price: Free]

ARTE360 VR is a VR video application that shows you around various, beautiful places in full VR goodness. You’ll be able to do things like look at mountains, explore old, iconic buildings, ocean scenes, and all kinds of other stuff. It’s a bit simple and really it’s just a chance to see a good VR experience in action. Aside from looking around, there isn’t much else to do but the app developers have managed to fit a good bit of stuff in here so it’s worth a shot.



[Price: Free – Google Play, App Store]

Vrse is a high quality hub for 360 videos. You’ll find an assortment of video from concerts, experimental short films, and some 360 videos from behind the scenes at SNL. If YouTube video isn’t cutting it you’ll find a lot of alternative videos here. Plus the app is available for iOS and Android.

Cardboard Design Labs

unnamed (4)

[Price: Free]

If you’ve ever wanted to understand the principles and thought process behind virtual realities, the app will help you understand how designing is so different than in 2D experiences. The educational app helps anyone understand concepts like leveraging scale, spatial audio, and keeping users grounded.

maxresdefaultGoogle Cardboard Camera

[Price: Free]

Google introduced Cardboard camera which lets you take 360-degree, virtual reality photos and view them through Cardboard. You’ll only open the app and move your camera around in a circle while it captures audio and pictures. The app will stitch together the photos, and then you can pop the phone into Cardboard to view your creation.  Google Street VR works with the Cardboard camera, so you can add 3D locations to your favorite places as well.

unnamed (1)Orbulus

[Price: Free]

Orbulus brings the photosphere community to life. You start off in outer space and select an orb that you like the look of, simply by holding your gaze on it. You’re the place where the photographer took the photo whither it was his studio, a busy street, or a nighttime party. The experiences you get are a view insides hundreds of people’s spaces like you were there; it’s really unlike anything else.

unnamedVolvo Reality

[Price: Free]

If you wanted to ride in a Volvo Xc90, or maybe you’ve thought about buying on, you can ride in one through the Volvo Reality app. We may start test driving cars in VR, but the app isn’t as interactive as I would have liked. The app does foretell how the future of shopping will be. If you have a supported phone, check out a test drive in the XC90.

unnamed (5)Sundance VR

[Price: Free]

Sundance recently places some focus on VR content, with a whole path for filmmakers to follow. The influential organization is placing a big bet on a new frontier that could fizzle out, but they’re hoping some amazing thought provoking content can be created. You can download the app now, but there is still not a lot of content. They’re always adding more and working towards making new documentaries and short films in VR.

Fulldive-VR-iconFulldive VR

[Price: Free]

Fulldive VR is the kind of application all VR owners should have. It’s kind of a directory of VR content that you can find on the web all in one easy place. It shows content from YouTube, including 360 and 3D content, includes a VR video player in case you have local files you want to watch, a VR browser, a VR camera, a 360 VR photo gallery, and a spot where you can view all of your VR apps. There are some bugs here and there that the developers are working diligently to correct, but it’s definitely worth a shot.

Sites-in-VR-iconSites in VR

[Price: Free]

Sites in VR is an application that shows you various landmarks from various countries in beautifully done VR. The landmarks range between Africa, the Middle East, and Europe mostly. You’ll be able to visit temples, mosques, tombs, palaces, museums, and even lesser stuff like inns, old houses, and parks. There is a metric ton of content and it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon or show your kids some world famous landmarks.

Titans of SpaceTitans-of-Space-icon

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Titans of Space is a guided tour application that shows you around our solar system along with a few stars. Along with a visual experience, the app also contains fun facts and information about the various celestial bodies so it doubles as an educational experience. This is great for parents wanting to teach their kids or anyone wanting to learn a little bit about the solar system.

These are just some of our favorite apps available for the platform. What are your top picks? Let us know down in the comments.


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