1It’s been around a year since the HTC Vive first hit the scene. While Oculus has caught up a lot when it comes to tech, the Vive is still a great VR platform and the variety of HTC Vive games out there is actually pretty impress.

In this article, we’ll highlight and discuss the top HTC Vive games on the market right now.

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

Price: $29.99

Adult Swim Games and Owlchemy Labs (the makers of Job Simulator) join forces to put you right in the middle of one of your favorite cartoon shows. You will play as a Morty clone through Rick’s garage, the house and even alien worlds. You will have to help with Rick’s experiments, solve puzzles, slap Rick around, destroy your surroundings, walk through portals and more. No day is boring in the Rick and Morty universe, so go have some fun, get in trouble and find your way out of it… if you can.

It’s not exactly one of the cheapest HTC Vive games at $29.99, but this title offers a great VR experience and we know there are plenty of Rick and Morty fans out there who would love to live this insane experience.

Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope

Price: $39.99

Serious Sam now has 2 full VR titles, The First Encounter, and The Last Hope. The games both look pretty fantastic, being extrapolated from demos that were first showed off at Reboot Develop 2016. The titles both offer great graphics and more explosions than you will know how to deal with. Wield loads of different weapons and shoot your way through hoards of enemies while traversing vast landscapes with various different atmospheres. While these games are not going to have deep and interesting stories, they should be quite a bit of fun to play due to the adrenaline pumping, exploding action.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Price: $49.99

What fan of the Star Trek TV shows and movies hasn’t had fantasies of sitting in the captains chair of the U.S.S. Enterprise and ordering the person at the helm to go to warp 8. Star Trek: Bridge Crew, from developer Red Storm and publisher Ubisoft, allows you to do the next best thing by letting you experience a fully emmersive bridge simulation, whether you are alone or if you play with up to three more players.

The game lets you participate in a campaign on board the science ship U.S.S. Aegis, in a storyline set in the “Kelvin timeline” of the three most recent feature films. In single player mode, you are the captain giving orders to your AI crew members as you explore the region, fight off Klingons and more. The co-op mode lets four players take on the roles of Captain, Helm, Tactical and Engineer. each of which has to perform their own tasks.

In addition to the U.S.S. Aegis storyline, you can go on randomly generated missions on that ship, as well as on the bridge of the original U.S.S Enterprise from the first TV series. While this is an expensive VR title, it should be a must have for Star Trek fans with a Vive headset, and anyone else who wants a different kind of simulation experience. Without a doubt this is one of the most anticipated of all HTC Vive games released so far.

Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine

Price: FREE

Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine is a demo by ILMxLAB while tosses users into the world of Star Wars by placing them on the desert planet of Tatooine, and allowing them to experiment with various gameplay features such as deflecting blaster lasers with your lightsaber. A lot of users were upset that this title is a bit short, but it is free and is meant to be a demo of what Lucasfilm could potentially do with the Star Wars series in virtual reality. Watch the Millennium Falcon fly over your head and interact with R2D2 in this awesome Sci-Fi demo and let us know your thoughts on the game.

The Assembly

Price: $17.99

While many games focus much more on the VR aspect as a way of integrating new gameplay elements, The Assembly takes a different approach. Featuring a darker, more dramatic theme than many of the games released so far, The Assembly tells the story of two characters within a shadow organization known only as The Assembly. The Assembly’s purpose and motivations are not clear, but what little the player knows is simple: the organization doesn’t operate within government guidelines, or even within the realm of what society deems as normal.

The game is a first-person drama. The player makes decisions that affect their path, much like a visual novel. However, exploration is just as important; as the player, you will be able to explore delicately crafted environments via smooth, polished movement controls. And because the game is designed to be a long-form narrative, there’s no need to worry about it ending too quickly; The Assembly promises many hours of gripping storytelling and engaging gameplay.

Space Pirate Trainer

Price: $14.99

Over the past generations of video games, there have been a few notable entries that challenged gamers to sit up and move: Dance Dance Revolution, Rock Band, etc. Space Pirate Trainer takes it to an entirely new level. By thrusting the player into an environment where their ability to move and dodge out of the way is essential for survival, Space Pirate Trainer challenges the sedentary style of gaming we have become so accustomed to.

Players use the Vive’s controllers to aim their weapons, raise a shield in front of themselves to deflect bullets, and more. Aiming is a visceral action; you have to turn and duck to avoid incoming enemies and rounds. Players will break a sweat while playing, but this style of gaming may be the first step in turning gamers into super-human athletes.

Job Simulator

Price: $39.99
The Job Simulator is bundled with the HTC Vive at launch. The game is a hilarious/sandbox which helps you get acquainted with the motion controllers.

The game’s set in the future where humans are no more than a curiosity to the robots who have taken over. The most basic activities like making lunch, checking out at the grocery store or blending carrots and floppy discs become incredibly thrilling. The ability to smash objects, throw things across the rooms or stock objects lets you get a feel of the controllers but is an insanely addicting game.

The Lab

Price: Free
Want to adopt a mechanical dog, defend a castle, or try to fix a robot? The Lab is Valve’s only self-made game at the time of launch for the Vive. The series of mini-games let you explore the virtual world while you’re learning how to use the headset. It’s a perfect proof-of-concept game to show friends when they come over to see the cool VR headset you bought.

Did I mention the game is free? While the pocket universe looks corny, it’s a place you can spend hours trying to hit the target while shooting arrows with the longbow.

Island 359

Price: $19.99

Growing up in the 90s, I had a pretty big obsession when it came to dinosaurs, fueled largely by movies like Jurassic Park. That’s why to this day, any game that offers a “dinosaur” setting tends to get my attention. The Island: 359 is such a game. In it you are a mercenary that is dropped into a dangerous jungle setting, on the hunt for dinosaurs. At your disposal is a number of guns and other items, all in your quest to take down the biggest and baddest dinos in the land. The game isn’t perfect and is very much an early access game, but it’s a hell of alot of fun, especially if you happen to be into dinosaurs.


Price: $35

Basically Redout is a VR version of th classic WipeOut. It’s obviously not built by Sony, hence the name difference, but the experience is pretty much what you’d expect. Interestingly enough, Redout not only works with the Vive, but it also a ‘traditional’ game. Good for those moments when you just don’t feel like throwing on the headset.

Spider-Man: Homecoming VR Experience

Price: FREE

This free VR game is based on the most recently movie in the long-running Spider-Man film series. You get to be in the shoes, or rather costume, of Peter Parker as he gets to check out his new Spider-Man suit, which has lots of cool technology provided by Iron Man himself, Tony Stark. After learning how to use the suit’s web shooters, you will have to complete a series of training trials. After that, you will be ready for the final part of the game as you, as Spider-Man, take on the flying villain the Vulture. This is a perfect introduction for people who have just bought their Vive headset and want to play a quick game to get the feel of VR. Did we mention that this is free to download?


Price: $34.99

This sci-fi first person shooter comes from developer Drifter. It’s been made specifically for co-op gaming with you and a friend. The game’s basic story is that you and your companion are both robots, and both bounty hunters. You go to various locations to not only shoot and kill enemies, but also to collect cash that you can use to upgrade your robot rig, as well as weapons. The game has a variety of movement options; you can choose to play while just sitting or standing and teleport to new locations, or you can actually move around your room. The game even allows players to grab objects and throw them on enemies. In fact, you can even grab and throw enemies on their own.

Gunheart has some impressive looking graphics, and the team is already adding new content to the game in regular updates, with new weapons and other additions. If you are looking for a FPS to play with a buddy, this might be for you.

Solus Project

Price: $19.99

In most games, survival is simple: kill the enemy before they kill you. In The Solus Project, it’s a bit more complicated. As the sole survivor of a crash landing on an strange, beautiful alien world, you must navigate through the environment and find food, shelter, and most importantly, a way to get off the planet and save Earth.

The enemies in the game are best avoided. Fighting them usually results in death, but according to the developers, that’s expected. Players are meant to die several times, but to use each death as a learning experience. Imagine Robinson Crusoe meets Minecraft Survival Mode meets Avatar, and you may be close to what Solus Project encompasses. The environment drives a feeling of total isolation that can be just as dangerous as the enemies themselves.

Arizona Sunshine

Price: $39.99

Don’t let the name of this game fool you; this is not a VR game about relaxing in the sun in the Arizona desert. This is a high-end, and gory, zombie-themed first person shooter. Developed by  Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive, Arizona Sunshine pits you against the undead in the southwestern US. The game offers players a chance to shoot zombies in the head with over 25 different weapons, all of which can be handled by motion controllers.

While there is a lengthy campaign in the game, Arizona Sunshine tries to break it up into short segments, just in case you don’t want to wear the Vive headset for hours and hours. The game also allows players to freely move about the desert to explore canyons, mines and other locations. You also have to loot the zombies that you kill so you can keep receiving ammo and other supplies. The game also supports co-op play with a friend in its campaign, and you and three other friends can face off against waves of zombies in its multiplayer Horde mode.

 Werewolve Within

Price: $29.99

There’s probably a fairly good chance you’ve played the “real life” equivalent of this social game. Sometimes going by the name Werewolf, sometimes Mafia, and likely probably a few other variants — the rules and settings might vary a bit, but basically the gameplay remains largely the same. In Werewolves Within you must attempt to figure out who are the villagers, or who happens to be the werewolf. The game is completely multiplayer, requiring 5 to 8 players. If you don’t have that many VR-owning friends, the good news is there are matchmaking systems for connecting you with other players.


Raw Data

Price: $39.99

Raw Data has been called one of the best first person shooters in VR, and it doesn’t fail to live up to the title. In the game, you’re immersed in a sci-fi world where an evil corporation runs the world, and you have to try and defeat them. There is a little bit of data hacking included when you’re tasked with infiltrating the evil corporate headquarters, and steal geophytes of data.

You’re able to go solo or team up with another friend to navigate the thrilling sci-fi world. The controls are some of the best we’ve seen, and the enemies are adaptable. This means different groups of enemies are challenging and change based on who are you battling with. On top of that there is active VR combat which is where you pump a shotgun and your hero in the game mimics your movements. All-in-all, the game one of the better thought out games for the HTC Vive.


Price: $24.95

If you’ve been waiting for a truly hardcore shooter HTC Vive game, Onward is what you’ve been dreaming of. Basically playing like a VR version of Call of Duty, this one has you holding your rifle in both hands, using a walkie talkie for communication, and much more. This is easily the most realistic VR shooter out right now, using roomscale to its fullest. This includes using the trackpad for movement, instead of the typical teleporting mechanic.

Best HTC Vive games – summing things up

These are just a few of our favorite HTC Vive games, though there are certainly plenty of other great experiences to be had with the Vive. Tell us in the comments below what you think about the current HTC Vive games available, and which ones look the most promising!

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