Best Oculus Touch Games (September 2017)

The Oculus Touch accessory hasn’t been on the market that long, but there’s already quite a growing library of solid games that are worth picking up. While we already have a list of the Best Oculus Rift games in general (touch and non-touch), if you would really rather steer away from gamepad-controlled experiences in favor of Oculus’ epic motion controllers — we don’t blame you. That’s exactly why we made this list of the best Oculus Touch games.

Robo Recall
Price: $29.99 or free with Oculus Touch

Download from Oculus

Honestly this probably one of our favorite Oculus Touch games. We first encountered it Robo Recall at Oculus Connect 3 in San Jose, and it quickly became one of our most anticipated titles of the year. Produced by legendary publisher Epic Games, the game pulls users through an immersive world of action and fiction, allowing you to rip off the appendages of your enemies and even catch bullets in mid-air. The bright colors and clean design give this game an extremely polished feel, and it’s one of the most fact paced enjoyable titles we’ve encountered on Rift. If you haven’t bought your Touch controllers yet, this title actually comes free with them, so it makes it an even better deal if you still need to nab that hardware.

Arizona Sunshine
Price: $39.99

Download from Oculus

If you’re into Zombie games, Arizona Sunshine is one of the very best Oculus Touch games you can find. Sporting excellent graphics and immersive landscapes, Arizona Sunshine brings you fast paced Zombie action that you won’t get anywhere else. There is also a co-op multiplayer mode available which allows you to play campaign or hoard mode in tandem with one another, even further expanding the fun you can have with this game. Our own John Velasco gave the title a solid 8/10, so it would definitely be worth a look if you’ve got the cash to drop. Check it out.


Lone Echo/Echo Arena

Lone Echo Price: $39.99

Echo Arena Price:  FREE until October 20, then $19.99

If you are a fan of Tron and its recent sequel, Tron Legacy, than you should check out Lone Echo from developer Ready at Dawn. This sci-fi game has an art style that looks very much like the look of those classic movies and according to most reviews, it is considered one of the best Oculus Touch games out there, and honestly one of the best VR games period. Lone Echo is the single player portion of the game, where the player character is actually an AI who operates a synthetic body. You will be tasked to learn what’s going wrong with a mining facility within the rings of Saturn.

There’s also a separate multiplayer online game set in that same universe, Echo Arena. Here you will play a game similar to Tron’s Disk mode, as you and up to two other players team up to face another team. You will compete in a zero-gravity area as you try to score against the other team by throwing disks at them, while preventing the other team of doing the same to you. The best thing about this game is that it’s currently free to download until October 20, and after that it will cost $19.99.


Price: $29.99

This is one of the first games from Skydance Interactive, the gaming division of the Skydance movie production company that has help to create hit movies like the last two Mission Impossible films, Star Trek Beyond and many more. In this futuristic shooter game, you get to pilot a 60-foot mech as you go to war as a soldier in the United States Free Forces, who have to battle to take control from the evil corporation  HUMNX. In the process, you may have to battle your own personal demons, as the mech that you are strapped inside is also linked to your mind.

Killing Floor Incursion

Price: $39.99

Developer Tripwire Interactive have created some excellent zombie games for the PC and console with their two successful Killing Floor titles. With Killing Floor Incursion, they bring the franchise to VR headsets for the first time. This is an all-new game in the series made especially for VR. Players, either in solo mode or in co-op mode with a friend, will travel through a number of different enviroments to shoot out a variety of “Zeds”, the game’s version of the undead.  Pistols, shotguns, axes, and even ripped off arms can be used as weapons in this game. You will also be asked to solve some puzzles and even engage in trading items in addition to shooting up zombies.

Tripwire is already planning to add more content to Killing Flood Incursion, including a much requested Horde-style mode call Holdout that will feature an endless run of zombies to fight. All in all, this game may be one of the best in the VR shooter genre.

Price: free

Download from Oculus

If you haven’t played Minecraft in virtual reality, you haven’t truly played Minecraft. The Oculus Touch games update helps to push the traditional title into a whole new world of excitement, and gives users the opportunity to become their favorite character in 3D. The scale presented by playing Minecraft in VR immerses users in the generated world built from imagination, and it’s hard not to feel like a kid again with your HMD on. If you play the game through Windows 10 edition the game is totally free, so it’s completely worth trying if you’ve got Rift and Touch.

VR Sports Challenge
Price: $29.99

Download from Oculus

VR Sports Challenge is a collection of different sports titles for Oculus Touch. The game features Football, Baseball, Sharp Shooting, and Ice Hockey. We tried this game at Oculus connect 3, and while the idea and concept are interesting, it wasn’t very responsive. This was an early Demo though, and the game now works extremely well and generally bug-free. If you’ve always wanted to play something like Madden or NBA Blitz in virtual reality, this is the closest you’re going to get at the moment Check it out.


Super Hot VR
Price: $24.99

Download from Oculus

Super Hot originally launched as a browser title, but eventually made it’s way into a full game, and has now come to the Oculus Rift. This game works fantastically with the Oculus Touch controllers, as it revolves around picking up objects and tossing them at a variety of oncoming enemies. This, along with some interactive punching and shooting makes the game as immersive as it is fun.

The title revolves around slow motion decision making, with time only moving as you do. While things will still happen while you are stopped to think, they will go very, very slowly, even giving you time to deflect bullets and catch objects as they come flying towards you. This game requires quite a lot of movement, swinging your arms around in different motions in order to speed up time. There is also head tracking involved, so players can dodge out of the way of incoming bullets and other objects in slow motion.

While we only played through a demo of this title, it was incredibly entertaining. We would highly recommend picking up the whole game if you get a chance.

You can get it here for $24.99.


The Unspoken
Price: $29.99

Download now from Oculus

If high quality, beautiful textured games are your thing, you can’t get any better than The Unspoken.

This member of the Oculus Touch games family revolves around using different magical spells to cast devastating blows to your enemy, each conjured up in a unique fashion. There are multiple classes to play as, all with different play styles and abilities. You can teleport to gain a better position on your enemy, and create different magical weapons to use against your foes. Insomniac Games is looking to make this a competitive game much like Sony’s new “Starblood Arena”, so they will be updating it over time to make it more balanced and competitive. The title will have online competitive gameplay, so if that’s something you’re interested in, you can’t go wring with The Unspoken.


Fruit Ninja
Price: $14.99

Download from Oculus

Fruit Ninja VR came to the HTC Vive in July of this year, and boy does it look exhausting. Imagine the original fruit slicing game, but with full body food dicing movement. In the game, you wield 2 long Japanese swords surrounded by beautiful scenery, all the while trying to make your way to the top of the leaderboard. There continues to be bombs and such falling in your path, so you need be be aware and not just slice in every direction imaginable.

There are also a number of combos your can perform, adding to your multiplier the whole time. With new special “effect fruits” in combination with small mini games, the title should have a lot more to offer than the original finger swiping game.

If ever there was a game that made you swing your body around for minutes on end, this would be it. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a “Oculus” fitness routine being developed around this title, just as there was with the Vive.


Dead and Buried
Price: $39.99


Dead and Buried mixes the “Old West” shooter style with a goulish theme, giving off a very interesting vibe that we haven’t seen that often in Oculus Touch games.

In the title, you are an unknown figure with a set of (2) six shooter revolvers. While there is likely a story in place for the title, the demo we tried out at Oculus Connect was more of a target practice than anything. That said, the landscape had quite an interesting cartoon-y theme, and reminded us quite a bit of the recent Daydream View title The Arcslinger.

The game is mainly focused on being a multiplayer shooting experience, so while there is supposed to be a bit of a story, it will likely be pretty brief. If you’re interested is shooting at faraway targets and making the top of the leaderboard however, this might be a fun title to pick up.


The Climb
Price: $49.99


The Climb is a title developed by Crytech, the same company that developed Crysis as well as the Cryengine game engine. The company is known for having absolutely stunning visuals in its games, and that remains to be the case with The Climb. The game was already released for use with XBOX One controllers, but the real magic comes when players use Oculus touch with the game.

Though the title is not complicated by any means, it is intended to be an adrenaline-rushing, sight seeing experience. In the game, you are a rock climber traversing various peaks in a free climbing fashion. The title can get pretty tense, especially if you let go and fall to your death, and the Oculus Rift does a great job at making the game feel as real as it gets.

The game has some absolutely breathtaking visuals, which trys to emulate the beauty of nature by saturating the landscape around the player with lush green trees and beautiful sunsets. People have been known to fall in this title while standing up due to it’s immersion, so we recommend that you proceed with cation while attempting to grab that nearby ledge. Is this the very best of all the Oculus Touch games? Far from it, as it honestly does get a bit repetitive, but it’s still a fun game to try and it’s an absolutely immersive beauty.

Oculus touch games

I Expect You to Die
Price: $24.99


Just like RoboRecall, this was among the very first Oculus Touch games we ever had the chance to try out at VR Source. I Expect You to Die is a fun puzzle game with an interesting twist. The game puts you in the place of a secret agent in various situations with one mission: don’t die. There are a number of missions where you learn from losing, doing the level over and over again until you figure out how to solve your situation. We played a few of the levels at Oculus connect, including a car escape as well as a room full of hidden lasers.

The game does a great job of making you feel like a real secret agent, solving puzzles to work towards your ultimate goal. Though each level did not seem to be associated with one another (at least in the demo), this was an incredibly fun game that will be great as a party pleaser with friends.

These are just a few of the best Oculus Touch games on the market. If you know of a title you think should be added to this list, be sure to let us know. Looking to pick up any of these?

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