Best PlayStation VR add-on experiences

The PlayStation 4 is home to a healthy library of high-caliber games, covering the gamut from end-to-end with all sorts of genres. For those that recently snagged the PlayStation VR, they might be surprised to know that there’s a special surprise for them in the form of add-on VR experiences to certain existing games. If you’re one of them, you might not know that a game you purchased and played on the PlayStation 4 several months ago has a hidden VR experience you’ll be able to tap into โ€“ giving that purchase even more value than you initial believed.

We’ve gone through the PS4’s extensive library to pick out exactly the best VR add-on experiences, so if you own the titles below and the PlayStation VR, you’ll be able to check them out. Call it an easter egg of sorts, since they’re almost like hidden gems if you played through them on your PS4, so this is just going to be more game for the buck. Let’s jump in and find out what they are!

Dirt Rally

Released back in April 2016, Dirt Rally gave players that off-roading adventure driving they craved using all sorts of rally cars to get through some of the treacherous race courts in the game. Well, the new add-on experience bring VR into the mix, giving players that real first-person perspective of being in the driver’s seat โ€“ while trying to remain reactive to the road conditions. So if you wanted to look out your window, or quickly peek behind to see who’s tailing you, you can now do that in this real-life driver’s point-of-view.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Lara Croft’s latest adventure was released back in 2015 shockingly with Rise of the Tomb Raider, but it was only in October 2016 when a special VR add-on experience came to fruition called “Blood Ties.” In this VR add-on experience, it’s mostly an explorative experience solving puzzles, rather than the action-adventure styling of the game people know and love. Some might be bummed by this revelation, but then again, it’s something that was done to tap into the potential of what VR can produce.

The Assembly

On its own, The Assembly is an interactive story game that had players on the PlayStation 4 exploring this underground laboratory of sorts โ€“ where experiments were being conducted secretly. You can say it’s your typical run-of-the-mill first person game, with more emphasis on exploration and puzzle solving than action. However, the VR add-on experience gives The Assembly a slightly more personal feel, as you get to explore and see the world through your player’s point-of-view.

Moto Racer 4

Players of Moto Racer 4 might’ve beaten all of what the game had to offer when it was released back in November 2016, but PlayStation VR owners have an added treat in the form of an add-on VR experience. Call it more of a tease than anything else, the added VR experience with Moto Race 4 provides VR support with the Time Attack and Hot Lap modes. It might be limited to only these modes, instead of bringing it into the rest of the game, but it nonetheless gives you the thrill of speed as you’re riding through the course.

Here They Lie

Survival horror game Here They Lie is one of those psychological thrillers meant to mess with you are you’re playing in the dark, all by yourself at home. However, the creepiness and horror is amplified if play the add-on VR experience because you’re seeing all of the demented and twisted things found throughout the game through the eyes of your player. Playing it statically is one thing, but VR absolutely delivers a heightened sense of fear.

Resident Evil 7

And we leave the best add-on VR experience for last; Resident Evil 7. The series is known for its blend of survival action and quick thinking against the horde of zombies coming after you. If you’ve played through the game already for the PS4, and recently acquired the PS VR, you’re in for one special treat because this add-on experience redefines the series as we know it. Every corner you come across will make you advance with caution, just because the VR experience is so immersive that you’ll believe you’re in this nightmare!

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