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Last updated January, 2017.

Sony’s long-awaited PlayStation VR has been on the market for a little while now, and things are slowly but surely heating up. Without a doubt the PSVR is the most mainstream friendly VR solution, though its pricing still puts it out of reach for many consumers. At launch the Playstation VR had a solid launch library covering a number of genres from horror to action, simulation, and much more. And now that it’s been a few months, things are only getting better.

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October 21, 2016

For now, the lineup comprises of our favorite launch titles, but expect this list to grow and expand rapidly in the weeks and months to come! 

resident-evil-7-thumbResident Evil 7

[Price: $57.99]

Resident Evil has been seen in recent years more as a blockbuster series than a survival horror game. The trailer shown at E3 changed that completely. Creepy hallways, flashes of distorted memories, and an atmosphere that’d raise goose bumps on Freddy Krueger were met with gasps and excitement.

Perhaps best of all, Resident Evil 7 is fully compatible with Playstation VR. Horror games have faced a bit of a renaissance in recent years, and the implementation of virtual reality creates a sense of immersion that makes the terror all the more real.

Based on our own review, we can confirm this is a real return to old roots for the series as far as gameplay is concerned, though it actually focuses on a new storyline and characters. Easily this is one of the best games out there for PSVR right now, even if it lacks motion control support, which would have made a great title even better.

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batman-vrBatman: Arkham VR

[Price: $19.99]

Gamers across the board were surprised to see a new Batman game at E3; after all, Rocksteady had claimed that Arkham Knight was the last title they would produce. According to Bill Green of Rocksteady Studios, the arrival of the PlayStation VR changed that. Now gamers can do what they’ve always wanted to: really become the Batman.

This particular Batman experience is less focused on combat and more focused on the sleuthing side of things, with you taking on the role of Batman as he attempts to solve a case involving the murder of someone he knew well. In the game you have the ability to explore Wayne Manor, the Batcave, and much more. Unlike the previous Batman titles, Arkham VR will be entirely in first-person and will tell a “highly focused, very personal” narrative.

The ability to physically reach for the various gadgets on your body promises to be a gameplay experience Batman fans won’t soon forget. Just don’t mix up the location of the Batclaw and the Batarangs!

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psvr-worlds-thumbPlaystation VR Worlds

[Price: $39.99]

Playstation Worlds is a compilation game that puts you in a variety of different scenarios including London Heist, VR Luge, Danger Ball, Scavenger’s Odyssey, and Ocean Descent. These vastly different experiences are a great way to jump in and get to know the unique kinds of experiences you can have with the Playstation VR. This title is included in the complete PSVR bundles, but must be purchased separately for those that opted for the core package.


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Eve: Valkyrie

[Price: $59.99]

Eve Valkyrie isn’t exclusive to PlayStation VR, it was originally released for the Oculus Rift and will likely make its way to every VR platform. The game looks like the most polished VR exclusive game yet, but the game has been in development for years. No wonder why it looks so amazing!

The idea of the game revolves around space battle where you’ll have to defend your mothership from enemy spaceships. The amazing part of space battle in VR is your able to look around and track ships while your heading towards another ship. Not to mention looking at your instruments and then check for other enemy ships heading towards you simultaneously.

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rigsRIGS: Mechanized Combat League

[Price: $49.99]

The future will have a new league of sports — battles determined by skilled pilots in mechanized exoskeletons. And it looks glorious. RIGS tosses players head-first into battle arenas to pit their skills against other pilots. Every RIG is different, and mastering the different machines will take time. Players can play both single- and multi-player modes in their efforts to become king of the battle arena, and the spatial awareness granted by the Playstation VR headset brings a new level of immersion to this shooter.

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untildawn2Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

[Price: $19.96]

If you thought Until Dawn was scary, Rush of Blood will have you reaching for the blood pressure medication. Taking advantage of Playstation VR’s unprecedented levels of immersion, Rush of Blood throws blood-chilling horrors at the player in a fast-paced arcade-style shooter. While there may not be as much decision making and storytelling as the Until Dawn, Rush of Blood cranks up the creepiness through its atmosphere and the disturbing beasts it throws at you.

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[Price: $59.99]

The first person tank game draws from the original BattleZone that Atari made in 1980. The arcade style game now feels more futuristic and reminds me of the Tron universe. The simple idea is still the same, where you’ll use your tank equipped with missiles and machine gun to take out other enemy tanks.

The world around you is beautiful, and the tank you’re inside includes radar, shows your weapon, and features other interactive menus. The game may look like an arcade game but that makes it so appealing, because who doesn’t want to be inside an old school arcade game?

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Job Simulator

[Price: $29.99]

The Job Simulator has arrived to the Playstation VR! The game is a hilarious/sandbox which helps you get acquainted with the motion controllers.

The game’s set in the future where humans are no more than a curiosity to the robots who have taken over. The most basic activities like making lunch, checking out at the grocery store or blending carrots and floppy discs become incredibly thrilling. The ability to smash objects, throw things across the rooms or stock objects lets you get a feel of the controllers but is an insanely addicting game.

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The Playstation VR has only been around for a few months, but one thing is clear: the future is bright. It remains unseen how much mainstream success the platform will have, but so far it is easily the most accessible of the three “hardcore” VR platforms. Have you picked up a PSVR yet? If so, what’s your current favorite game?

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