Best PlayStation VR games (May 2018)

Last updated: June, 2018.

Sony’s PlayStation VR has been on the market for some time now, and its portfolio of games has matured into a pretty diverse list. Not every title is exceptional just yet, but there are definitely more than a few neat options to choose from. Things have certainly gotten much better (and cheaper).

Here’s a list of our favorite PlayStation VR titles around. There is no time to waste here, so let’s get you gaming.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

[Price: $39.90]

Step into a fantasy world of dragons, beasts, magic, and folklore. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR is the VR version of one of the most successful RPGs of all time.

Whether you choose to stick to the story mode, take care of side quests, or just roam around Skyrim’s open world, you’re in for an amazing first-person experience. Just imagine standing in front of a dragon in VR.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

[Price: $29.99]

Any Star Trek fans out there? You can now take a seat as a member of the bridge crew from the U.S.S. Aegis. Each player has a different role within the cabin, and they all have to work together to pilot the ship as they explore an unknown area of the universe known as The Trench.

You can pick between four positions: Captain, Helm, Tactical, and Engineer. Then use your independent skills to fight off enemies and find success in your missions. Do you and your friends have what it takes to save the universe?

Resident Evil 7

[Price: $27.46]

The Resident Evil franchise has been more a blockbuster action series than a survival horror game in recent years. Resident Evil 7 changed that. Creepy hallways, flashes of distorted memories, and an atmosphere that’d raise goosebumps on Freddy Krueger await those willing to brave the game — even more so if they’re willing to try it in VR.

Resident Evil 7 is fully compatible with Playstation VR. Horror games have had a bit of a renaissance in recent years, and VR has been a big part of that. The immersion of VR makes the terror all the more real.

As we said in our review, this is a real return to form for the series, despite its brand-new setting, storyline, and characters. This is easily one of the best games out there for PSVR. Motion control support would have made it even better, though.

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV

[Price: $29.99]

The Final Fantasy series has been home to some of the most amazing RPG titles — this is not one of them. Monster of the Deep focuses on a Final Fantasy XV mini-game that has been optimized for PlayStation VR.

You can chill by a lake and fish away in free mode, or jump into story mode to go against the Monster of the Deep. Fish all kinds of sea creatures and customize your rods, reels, and lures. It’s a fun little game if you like the Final Fantasy franchise and fishing.

Batman: Arkham VR

[Price: $19.99]

Gamers across the board were surprised to see a new Batman game at E3 2016. Rocksteady had claimed Arkham Knight would be the last title in the franchise they’d produce. According to Bill Green of Rocksteady Studios, the arrival of the PlayStation VR changed that. Now gamers can do what they’ve always wanted to: become the Batman.

This particular Batman experience focuses more on the sleuthing side of things than combat. You take on the role of Batman as he attempts to solve a case involving the murder of someone he knew well. In the game you can explore Wayne Manor, the Batcave, and much more. Unlike the previous Batman titles, Arkham VR is entirely in first-person and tells a “highly focused, very personal” narrative.

The ability to physically reach for the various gadgets on your body promises to be a gameplay experience Batman fans won’t soon forget. Just don’t mix up the location of the Batclaw and the Batarangs!


[Price: $29.99]

A mouse with a sword — what more could you need? Quill the mouse is thirsty for knowledge and adventure, so she embarks on a journey through the woods. After awakening ancient magic, she needs to save her uncle from grave danger.

This action-adventure puzzle game has interesting characters, a great story, a fantastic world, and great combat. Help the little mouse solve complex puzzles as you travel with her through a marvelous world full of dangers and beautiful scenery.


[Price: $29.95]

Farpoint starts as you’re picking up some scientists studying an anomaly in Jupiter and give them a ride home to Earth. It all goes well until a rupture sends you flying into an unknown alien world, 800,000 light years from Earth. What to do?

Now you have to fight alien beasts, find your colleagues, survive, and get back home. This is surely a game that will keep you involved and on your toes.

Playstation VR Worlds

[Price: $19.90]

Playstation Worlds is a compilation game that puts you in a variety of different scenarios including London Heist, VR Luge, Danger Ball, Scavenger’s Odyssey, and Ocean Descent. These vastly different experiences are a great way to jump in and get to know the unique kinds of experiences you can have with the Playstation VR. This title comes in PSVR bundles, but must be purchased separately for those that opted for the core package.


[Price: $19.99]

Doom’s always been about heavy metal, big guns, and demons from hell, and Bethesda’s brought all that a VR world unlike any other.

You are playing a a cybernetic survivor, activated by the UAC to fight a demon invasion. You will have to go through fast-paced battles and challenging puzzles to restore order and prevent a catastrophic failure at the Mars facility.

Eve: Valkyrie

[Price: $39.99]

Eve Valkyrie isn’t exclusive to PlayStation VR. It was originally released for the Oculus Rift and will likely make its way to every VR platform. It looks more polished than just about any other VR-exclusive game out there, but it took years to make. No wonder why it looks so amazing!

You play as a space pilot who has to battle other pilots in space to protect your mothership. The amazing part of space battle in VR is you’re able to look around and track ships while your heading towards another ship. You can even look at your instruments and check for other enemy ships heading towards you simultaneously.

RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

[Price: $22.57]

The future will have a new league of sports, where skilled pilots in mechanized exoskeletons do battle. It looks glorious. RIGS tosses players head-first into battle arenas to pit their skills against other pilots. Every RIG is different, and mastering each takes time. Players can play both single and multiplayer modes in their efforts to become king of the battle arena. The spatial awareness granted by the Playstation VR headset brings a new level of immersion to this shooter.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

[Price: $19.99]

If you thought Until Dawn was scary, Rush of Blood will have you reaching for the blood pressure medication. Taking advantage of Playstation VR’s immersive nature, Rush of Blood throws blood-chilling horrors at the player in a fast-paced arcade-style shooter. There isn’t as much decision making and storytelling as Until Dawn, but Rush of Blood makes up for that by cranking up the creepiness of its atmosphere and throwing a lot of disturbing beasts at you.

Job Simulator

[Price: $19.99]

Obviously, doing more work is what you want to do when you get home. Why not give Job Simulator a spin? The game is a hilarious sandbox designed to get you acquainted with the motion controllers.

Set in a future where humans are no more than a curiosity to the robots who have taken over, you can make lunch, check out at the grocery store, blend carrots and floppy discs, and more. It’s all actually very exciting. You can smash objects, throw things across the rooms, or stack them. It’s great for getting a feel for the controllers, and insanely addicting.


The Playstation VR has only been around for a few months, but one thing is clear: the future is bright. It remains to be seen how much mainstream success the platform will have, but so far it is easily the most accessible of the three “hardcore” VR platforms.

Have you picked up a PSVR yet? If so, what’s your current favorite game?


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