Best Samsung Gear VR games (October 2017)

Gear Vr games

The Gear VR from Samsung has become a popular and relatively easy way to start using VR without the need for an expensive PC. The Gear only works with select Samsung devices, and many times is free when you purchase a new flagship phone. Samsung has pushed the device heavily in stores and through advertising, but a lot of users still haven’t experienced the Gear VR. It’s a good thing there are many Gear VR games to choose from.

The technology behind the Gear VR is from Oculus, giving them the capability to have some great games and apps. The Gear VR is similar to Google Cardboard in the way it uses the phone to power the VR screen. The graphics aren’t perfect or as high quality as the Rift or Vive, but it’s more than enough to immerse yourself in Minecraft or under the sea.

The games for the Gear are exciting, beautifully designed, and are super inexpensive or free. While they look great, many times the games are short with only a few hours of gameplay. They’re smaller compressed games to get you hooked on VR and hopefully prompt you to upgrade to the Oculus Rift. Let’s not mince words, though, the games on the Gear are above what you can find on other mobile gaming units and give you a taste of VR.

In this feature, we’re going to highlight the top Gear VR games currently available!

Hitman GO: VR Edition

Price: $7.99

Hitman GO, Laura Croft GO, and Deus Ex GO are re-imaginations of the original versions of their respective games, transforming them into board-game style titles with simplistic low-poly graphics and slower-paced turn-based gameplay. All 3 of these games have received massive amounts of praise on the Google Play Store, and are even 80% off at the time of publishing.

Square Enix has opted to begin porting these titles into virtual reality, and now you can play Hitman Go on your Gear VR. Though the title is really not much different than it is on mobile, the tabletop style of the game makes it perfect for virtual reality, since you can look around the table as if you are really overlooking it. While Samsung has not said whether or not the game will be updated to work with the new Gear VR controller which is making its way to the market very soon, we would assume this would, as it has quickly become one of the most popular games on the platform.

Dark Days

Price: $7.99

It can be argued that horror games are the best genre for virtual reality, and Dark Days helps to make a strong case for this claim. In the game, you’re shuffled through a thrilling story of a lost soul stuck in a hotel, with various characters helping you to figure out exactly what is going on.

This game is almost more like an intractable story than a full fledged game, which makes sense for a title which restricts movement to head turns. That being said, those reviewing the game have said nothing but great things, and even the trailer makes it feel like something you would absolutely want to experience. At $7.99, is comes in at the same price as something like Hitman GO, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t just as quality.


Price: FREE ($4.99 for full game)

Skylight brings a very interesting take on turn-based strategy Gear VR games, adding a holographic flare to ship battle titles. The game takes place in a spaceship floating out in the void, but the actual gameplay has you commanding a number of holograms against oncoming fleets of enemies. While this isn’t going to get you the same adrenaline pumping experience as something like Eve: Gunjack, it should add a bit more relaxing take to such a classic genre.

This title has 30 different levels for you to enjoy, but you’re going to have to pay out $4.99 to get access to the whole game. You can at least try a few of the levels before you make a purchasing decision however, so we’re glad the team added this in just in case you’re not too fond of the gameplay.


Price: $2.99

If you’re a fan of retro-style arcade games, Manchester is definitely the title for you.

Though I would probably be lying if I said this game was mean to be played in virtual reality, we can’t deny that it makes it that much more fun. The game is styled with 1970’s colors throughout and tasks the player to ride down a track dodging a number of oncoming obstacles. While there isn’t a lot to the title, it looks like a ton of fun, made to be played over and over in pursuit of that high score.

The game has 10 different levels for the user to master, and can even be played with a game pad so you don’t have to navigate using the Gear VR’s awkward touch pad controls. Check it out!

Totems in Dreamland

Price: FREE

Totems in Dreamland is a totally free title with a beautiful low-poly atmosphere tasking you to fight your way past Orcs, Dragons, and Mummies. You can use the touchpad or gamepad to jump around the levels, and control the movement of XiaoShan with your head. The game looks to be relatively large, and reminds us a lot of Monument Valley.

The atmosphere is extremely dream-like, with floors and walls sitting at strange angles that wouldn’t be possible in the real world. This title won’t set you back any cash, so be sure to download it and let us know what you think.

Great Header

Price: FREE

Usually when playing soccer you’re only allowed to use your feet, but with the Gear VR, the only controls you have available are your head and the touchpad. So what if you were able to combine the two? That’s the GOAL of Great Header.

In the game, you’ll be able to use your head to deflect soccer balls and try to hit targets, balloons, and more. While this isn’t a full-fledged game with a huge story, it is a cool little time waster that should get you excited about hitting your personal high score. It’s free as well, which means you really have no excuse not to download it if you don’t have anything else to do. Go out and fulfill your soccer-related headbutting dreams.


Price: $6.99

The block like game has become a staple of many phones, computers, gaming consoles, and now VR headsets. The Minecraft for Gear VR is the pocket edition, enabling you to play with friends and play on pocket edition servers. The game has two game modes – one where you step into the world of Minecraft playing as the main character. The second mode is you’re sitting inside your comfy Minecraft home and your playing on a painting much like your playing on your tv or phone screen.

The game is one of the few Gear VR games which gives you an endless amount of game play, and you’re able to stay within the Gear for prolong periods because the headset is lightweight. The only reason to leave The Gear VR Minecraft world is if the battery runs low.

Keep Talking and Nobody ExplodesKeep talking and nobody explodes

Price: $9.99

Play inside VR is lonely, and there aren’t many games which let you play with your friends. Keep talking and nobody explodes a game which is designed for a bunch of players to interact. One player wears the Gear VR, where they’re trying to defuse a bomb in their virtual world. The others around them have a picture or manual of how to defuse the bomb. Their goal is to explain successfully how to defuse the bomb without it going off.

In the future, we may play VR board games, and this is a good start. VR doesn’t have to be antisocial, and maybe we’ll all play our board games in VR one day.

Lands EndLands End

Price: $7.99

Lands End is a memorize puzzle game with five chapters. The puzzles are set in serene sunsets, blocky mountains, and other beautiful scenes. The levels range from easy to head scratchly hard.  The game resembles Monument Valley, in which you have to travel across a landscape to exit towards another level.

Anyone can play Lands End, even if they’ve never tried VR before. The controls are simple, and the instructions are easy to understand. It’s one of the best entry level Gear VR games.

Smash HitSmash Hit

Price: Free

Smash Hit is a simple arcade style game with beautiful alien like scenery. To control your movements, you move around your head to hit all the glass targets. To throw the marbles to break the glass targets you tap on the button on the side of the Gear VR. The environments you’re flying through are tranquil and relatively relaxing, at least when you’re winning.

The game was a mobile-first game which made the transition to VR not long ago. I would even say the VR version is more enjoyable and easier than the mobile version and is one of the best Gear VR games you can buy.

Oculus ArcadeOculus Arcade

Price: Free

The Oculus Arcade is a virtual arcade where you play games on a 2d screen, but hey you’re inside an arcade. You’re able to play Play Pac-Man, Sonic, Galaga, and more in three different arcade rooms. All the games start off free for a period; then you’ll have to pay to unlock unlimited playing of the games.

These small game worlds where you’re playing on other screens are odd because you could be thrown into these classic games in theory.


Price: $4.99

In Dreadhalls, you’re trapped in a horror dungeon where you’ll need to search for the exit while avoiding the creatures that dwell in the maze. The horror in the game isn’t understated, and this game is for the weak of heart. It’s one of the best horror games to come out for the Gear VR. The torture screams, sounds coming from all directions, and forming behind or next to you will have you terrified!

The best way to play the game is on a swivel chair so you can turn the corners in the game quickly. If you’re easily scared the game isn’t for you, but if you think you can brave it go ahead and download it! It’s definitely one of the spookiest Gear VR games you can play.

EVE: Gunjack

Price: $4.99

Developer CCP, which has already released a higher-end VR space shooter called EVE: Valkyrie, has also launched another shooter set in their EVE Online sci-fi universe. EVE: Gunjack is not quite as complicated to play. Instead of piloting a space fighter, you are sitting in a turret and firing on waves of enemy spaceships. However, that doesn’t mean that this game isn’t a lot of fun to play.  The graphics, which use Unreal Engine 4, are excellent for a mobile game, and you get to unlock new missions based on how well you played previous encounters.

EVE: Gunjack features more difficult enemies to beat the longer you play, but you can also access special power ups to make things easier. Some of them replace your primary weapons for a brief period of time, such as getting to use a laser or particle beam cannon, while others are used in combination with your main gun, such as missiles. If you love arcade shooters, EVE: Gunjack is still one of the best Gear VR games you can get.

Herobound: Spirit Champion

Price $9.99

Developer Gunfire Games has created a solid action-adventure game for Gear VR users. This fantasy-based game as you controlling a small goblin character through four distinct locations, each one based on the mythological “elements” of fire, air, earth and water. Your goal is to free the Spirits in each area, which have been held captive by enemies. When you do release a Spirit, your goblin character gains new abilities that he can use to help defeat enemies and ultimately become the Spirit Champion.

This game is designed to be played for people who don’t want a complicated experience, but still want to check out a VR title with more that just looking around and shooting things. It’s available for the Gear VR now in the Oculus Store for $9.99 and is one of the more original Gear VR games you can play.

Please, Don’t Touch Anything

Price: $16.99

Yes, that is indeed the name for this Gear VR game. Of course, a game with that title makes you want to learn more about it. This game, which was originally released for the PC, has been launched for VR platforms with some graphical improvements and, of course, new gameplay meant specifically for virtual reality.

The initial premise is very simple. You are at work at an ordinary office and your work colleague is taking a bathroom break. You see a panel with one big red button in the room, and your work partner tells you to not touch anything while he’s gone. Well, it wouldn’t be much of a game if you didn’t press the button. When you do, you will then have to solve a number of puzzles and overcome challenges before . . . well, that would be telling. The Gear VR version of Please, Don’t Touch Anything may be one of the most unusual, but still fun, games you will play in a long time and a worthy addition to our Gear VR games list.


These are the ten best Gear VR games in a range of categories from the horror games to casual arcade games. They also range from free to play to $14.99, and they’re all the best graphics for VR. If you don’t have a Gear VR, this article likely made you want to try them out, or at the very least think about VR.

Tell us in the comments below which one is your favorite game on the Gear VR.

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