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Web browsing wasn’t exactly made to be viewed from a VR perspective, but it does open possibilities for more content in days to come. VR-focused browsers have started emerging and we have put together a list of our favorite ones to help you experience what it’s like to be inside the web.

Shall we jump right in?

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samsung-internet-gear-vrSamsung Internet for Gear VR


The Samsung Internet for Gear VR browser is, of course, exclusive to the Oculus-powered headset. It doesn’t do much more than show you web content, but you can import your bookmarks, manage multiple tabs, use voice recognition and even select a menu by staring at it.

The main purpose of this browser is to enjoy 3D and 360-degree content from sites like YouTube and Facebook, which is a blast.

steamvr_headerSteam VR Web Browser


The Steam VR Web Browser is a basic tool, but it is also a complete one. It supports nearly any web content, including Adobe Flash. The only thing is that this browser is yet to be fully launched, so you will have to opt into the Steam client beta. Just keep in mind there should still be work to be done and not everything will work perfectly.



MozVR isn’t exactly a full-fledged browser, but it will help you find good online media on Chromium and Firefox. Their goal is to bring high-quality content to the web, which makes this more of a demo portal. But the good part is that it can be accessed via iOS, Android, Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.



This is probably our favorite VR browser around, as it manages to really immerse you into the web experience. JanusVR turns links into pathways and websites look like rooms. And you don’t have to browse alone – there will be other avatars in these rooms. It’s also possible to make the experience more involved with HTML.

The world of VR web browsing is new, so don’t expect a full-fledged, polished experience from any of these. More than anything, these are a glance into the future of virtual reality on the web. Thankfully Oculus is promising the next-generation of VR web browsing with its upcoming Carmel browser and we’re really excited to see how this might change the game.

Which of these browsers are you liking more? Do you use any others you think should be added to the list? Hit the comments to let us know!

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