The Best VR Horror Games (December 2016)

Think horror games are scary enough? You haven’t experienced anything until you’ve played them in VR. The total immersion of VR takes the horror elements and ratchets them up to a brand-new level.

There are plenty of great horror VR titles both in the works, and already available. In this article we take a closer look at a few of the best looking games that are upcoming, as well as what’s currently available that is worth checking out. Without further ado, let’s jump in.

resident-evil-7-thumbResident Evil 7 (Upcoming)

Price: TBD
HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Playstation VR

Capcam has returned Resident Evil to its roots with a brand-new, absolutely horrifying title. The ominous ringing of the telephone in the trailer is enough to send chills down your spine…and that’s before you begin to explore the decrepit, poorly-lit building in first-person. Every step is taken with anticipation, half-expecting some ghoul to appear from around the corner and rip your soul through your eye socket.

While the game will be available in “traditional” 3D, the entire experience also is being fully translated into VR. Resident Evil 7 isn’t too far off, slated to be released on January 24, 2017.

Paranormal Activity Vr Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul (Upcoming)

Price: TBD
Platform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Playstation VR

The Paranormal Activity movies have established themselves as solid reasons for buying more pants, and Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul is no different. Starting off in a dimly lit foyer (dimly lit buildings seem to be a pattern in horror), the player must explore the building and investigate what is happening. It’s worth nothing that the game doesn’t draw from the stories of the other films, but uses the mythos of the world at large. Basically, you’re in a house and weird things are happening. Find out why.

Paranormal Activity will be available in the not too distant future for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Sony Playstation VR.


Price: Free
Platform: Oculus Rift

Affected is one of those games where you go in expecting jump scares. The entire basis of the game is a walkthrough of a manor (or cabin or other locale as more content is released), and the scares themselves have been randomized. This means that you never know when a creepy crawly beast will appear as if from nowhere to make you revisit childhood in the worst way possible.

Affected was originally built for the Rift’s development kits, though it capable of running on the commercial Oculus Rift as well.

emilyEmily Wants to Play

Price: $4.99
Platform: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive

Let’s all agree on one thing: little girls and toy dolls in horror movies are the creepiest possible options. Emily Wants to Play is no exception. As the player, you are trapped in a house with a little girl named — surprise — Emily, and three of her dolls. The gameplay is a bit like Five Nights at Freddy’s meets The Bride of Chucky. You have to interact with Emily and her dolls to survive the night. Personally, I’d probably just off myself and save them the trouble.


Price: $9.99
Platform: Oculus Rift, Gear VR

You awaken in a darkened dungeon with nothing but a nearly-empty lantern. Your goal is to search for the exit, keep your lantern lit, and keep your wits about you. Oh, and as an added bonus…you aren’t alone. Procedurally generated maps mean that each time you play, the game will be different. Creatures will follow you, but you have no way of defending yourself. Your best chance is to escape before they catch you, or hide until they pass. This sense of urgency ramps up the tension and creates an atmosphere that will test even the most hardened horror gamer.

Here They Lie

Price: 19.99

Platform: Playstation VR

Here They Lie was first announced back in June of 2016, touted as a horror game to trump all horror games. The developers had never really left AAA game development, and wanted to spread out to the new virtual reality platform. The title uses a muted colorless atmosphere with dark alleyways and realistic textures to make the experience as immersive as possible, and should be equally as terrifying.

The game revolves around solving the mystery of the woman in yellow, and will pull you in to a world of monsters, mischief, and a deep story-line. It is available now, and can be picked up for $19.99 on Playstation VR.

Arizona Sunshine

Price: $39.99

Platform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift

Most zombie games take place in creepy, worn down city-scapes, and have eerie biomes that are meant to make the player feel cold and alone. Not Arizona Sunshine. This title takes place in post-apocalyptic Arizona, complete with the hot beating sun and a need to survive not only from the zombies but from the harsh conditions as well. The game features a variety of realistic weapons that players can use to “shoot, snipe and blast your way through hordes of undead close enough to touch”.

The title has received absolutely raving reviews from both media and users alike, and should be an absolute blast if you’re into post-apocalyptic shooters. It can be had for $39.99 on HTC or Oculus Rift, and can be used with the new Oculus Touch controllers as well. Multiplayer is present here as well, meaning you can have fun shooting down hoards with all your closest friends. Whichever of the two platforms you choose, you’re sure to have a great time.


Price: $17.99

Platform: HTC Vive

Monstrum is a survivor-horror title created by the Indie games studio Team Junkfish. The game is based on a desolate cargo ship, and features procedurally generated levels, AI driven predators, and permadeath. In this way, the title is more geared towards hardcore players, who are fine with starting over as long as they have a new world to explore.

There are three different monster types that you may have to face, each with special stalking and hunting tactics. You must learn how they think in order to outsmart them, and try to keep safe as long as you possibly can. Where will you go when your environment is out to get you?

The Brookhaven Experiment

Price: $19.99

Platform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Playstation VR

The Brookhaven Experiment is a survival-horror game with an extremely dark and creepy atmosphere that puts you up against hoards of oncoming zombies. Fight them off using a variety of different weapons while at the same time trying to use your flashlight sparingly in order to save its energy.

The title features both a progressive story mode as well as a wave survival mode with online leaderboards, in case you’re the competitive type. The game has received raving reviews ever since its initial release in July of this year, and should delight those who like having their share of adrenaline. The team added Oculus Touch support earlier this month, meaning you’ll be able to shoot down monsters on either of the most popular PC-based VR systems.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Price: 19.99

Platforms: Playstation VR

Afraid of clowns? Too bad.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood puts you on a roller-coaster ride of death and despair, with terrifying monsters attacking you at every turn. You’ll use a gun and flashlight to make your way through the landscape, and will need to have a quick trigger finger to make sure you can take out the enemies before they get to you.

The title can be had for $19.99, but you can also download a free demo to see if the game is for you.

Those are just some of the horror games currently out or on their way that we felt were worth showcasing. Any other VR horror games that we missed? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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