The best VR horror videos

Horror is one of the best genres for virtual reality, placing users into an immersive state in which they are completely unable to escape. While horror games have made a punch in the space already, immersive video content is also being transformed to include horrifying experiences, often feeling much more terrifying than traditional horror movies.

So what are the best horror videos on the internet? Check out some of our top picks below.

GetOut 360

Have you ever been in your house alone at night, trying as hard as you can to not get overwhelmed by the feeling of dread and terror creeping in through your senses? Even if nothing is seemingly wrong, being alone at night can cause us to feel uncomfortable even in the places we spend all of our time. GetOut 360 capitalizes on this idea by placing you along in a small living room with only a small television to pay attention to.

Every so often you’ll be turning around to see if anything is coming through the door, but trust us, you probably won’t want to.


If you were a fan of the original Paranormal Activity series, 3:00AM is a film that should fill your body with fear. The experience takes place in a small bedroom late at night, where strange things start happening to the surroundings. You can see a woman tossing and turning in her bed while doors start opening and closing on their own, and she awakes to be mortified at things happening around her. There are already a number of creepy object present in the room, such as life-like paintings and strange dolls. The music only increases the feeling of fear in this film, with clock-like ticking and screeching to make your hair stand straight up.

It’s an experience for sure, and you can watch it  on YouTube, even without a VR headset.

The Forest

Though this ‘film’ is actually a trailer for a full movie in theaters, it has quite a horrifying effect which will probably leave you quite interested in the full film. The Forest places you in a small tent in the middle of a forest, with some creepy objects like small stuffed animals scattered around your tent. There are various lights that flash around from the outside the tent, but the thing that makes the film truly creepy is the voices that you can hear within the tent itself. You’ll consistently hear someone whispering “Sarah”, likely looking to lure you out and take your life, and it’s enough to make your skin crawl.

If you’re someone who is easily effected by vocal cues and quiet whispers, you may want to steer clear of this film. Though hardly more than a minute and a half long, it will make a lasting impact.

360° Horror: Haunted House

This haunting title moves you briskly through a home, with doors opening and closing seemingly on your own. What makes this film terrifying in particular is all the corners you will be moving around. You never know what will be on the other side of a wall, and this unknowing feeling makes you want to close your eyes and look away in fear. There are a number of paintings and CGI elements that just add to this feeling of dread. Ghosts will fade in and out with a number of terrifying noises striking your ears, so it is essentially impossible to escape without throwing the headset off altogether.

Lock Your Doors

This film plays on more natural fears by showing a murderer entering someone’s home from a wide angle. The terrifying part is how stealthily and easily he enters the building while the family is already home, and is able to take down and kill one of the people there. The acting isn’t great, with reactions feeling surprisingly underwhelming, but the idea of the film is what will get your skin crawling. Try not staying home alone after watching this, and make sure to Lock Your Doors.

The Black Mass Experience

This terrifying film places you in a mysterious garage, tied up and only able to look around. The way the experience progresses likely means you are drugged, as your vision will continue to fade in and out continuously with the scene changing each time. A number of strange things will run by you as the video progresses, such as a little girl who continues to flash in and out of existence, and lighting that changes quite continuously. This film is hosted on Jaunt, so you can either watch it on your browser or within the app itself. Take a look, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Are there any 360 horror videos that you think we should include in this list? Let us know in the comments below!


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