Björk & HTC Vive present the world’s first VR music album

Iconic Icelandic artist Björk is collaborating with HTC to let fans experience a virtual reality interpretation of Vulnicura, Björk’s most recent studio album.

Starting at Sidney’s Vivid Festival, Björk is kicking off an 18-month world tour called Björk Digital. Attendees will be able to enjoy “bespoke” VR experiences for tracks from the critically acclaimed Vulnicura, released in January 2015. Vive VR headsets will be used to immerse users in “beautifully crafted immersive renditions” of Björk music videos created by directors like Andrew Huang or Jesse Kanda.

Vivid festivalgoers will witness the world premiere of the VR experience for Vulnicura track Notget. Here’s what they can expect:

The world premiere of Notget in VR combines high resolution 3D scans, on-location holostudio, motion capture and videogrammetry along with real-time special audio design that envelopes and embeds the user into Björk’s performance. These digital assets are blended together to create an ever evolving and changing digital form of particles, light and sound that inhabits the space with you. Vive and its room-scale VR tracking capabilities has allowed the team to create a performance piece that reacts and connects with the users as they are encouraged to explore the large physical space, creating a deep connection that only could be achieved and experienced in VR.

The Björk collaboration is the latest in a series of experiments that aim to prove that the Vive can be used for more than just action games. From simulating flight over Manhattan, to helping design BMW automobiles, to exploring IKEA kitchens or watching arthouse cinema, Vive and similar VR platforms are emerging as the next frontier in art and media.

This article was originally published at our sister site, Android Authority.


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