BLARP! and experimental art for HTC Vive

Experimental artist Isaac “Cabbibo” Cohen has been exploring the capabilities and new areas that VR has opened for us that includes a number of HTC Vive art experiments.

One of these experiments is a challenging physics-based game on the Vive called BLARP!, which is available for $3 and is a fun virtual reality environment to create a truly unique experience with good control and design.

His explorations into experimental art in virtual reality are worth checking out and shows just what VR is capable of when it comes to combining art with the new technology and especially the HTC Vive hardware.

It will certainly be interesting to see how concepts around experimental art find their way into actual immersive games, and BLARP! is the beginning of this. Virtual reality has opened the door and created the platform for an entirely new world of creative design in which artists like Isaac can thrive in.

What do you think of the experimental title BLARP!?


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