Blaston ‘Arctic Blast’ Update Offers New Game Mode and More

Blaston Artict Blast update
Source: Resolution Games

With swaths of the Northern Hemisphere covered in snow right now, Resolution Games couldn’t possibly pick a better time to release the latest free update for their futuristic dueling VR game Blaston.

The update is called Arctic Blast after the new skill-focused game mode it introduces.

“By giving players the exact same loadout of weapons to work with, every duel will come down to one thing: how well they play the game,” said Tommy Palm, CEO and founder of Resolution Games. “As our player base grows, we have more requests for more formal modes of competitive play from the Blaston community, so this latest update should be a welcomed holiday gift for our most engaged players, while also giving newcomers another way to experience the world of Blaston.”

In addition to the new game mode, the Arctic Blast update also introduces an avalanche of new in-game content, including a new playable character, new arena, new weapon, and new skin for FrostByte snowball.

The update gives players the ability to create their own tournaments and host them in the new “Knockout!” tournament room of the social hub Ozo Lounge. Blaston’s player ranking system has been optimized as well to better reflect the skill differences between seasoned and new players.

Last but certainly not least, Resolution Games is among the first developers to utilize Meta’s new Passthrough API, making it possible for players to transform their real-world environment into the Blaston Arena.

“We’ve been making VR and AR games since 2015 — but with Passthrough API, we finally have a chance to blend the two in a single mixed reality experience,” added Palm. “As an experimental API from Meta, this technology is still fairly early on — but we’re excited to be able to share its potential for gaming in today’s Blaston update, and we look forward to seeing how other developers make use of it in the coming year.”

If you’re a new player and would like to experience what Blaston is all about, then you should know that you can save 20% on Blaston as part of the Resolution Games Bundle, available starting today on Steam.

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