BMW Is Now Designing Cars In Virtual Reality

Did you think that virtual reality was only created for gaming? Think again, as German automotive company BMW have started to use the HTC Vive to design their next generation vehicles.

With the Vive, BMW’s engineers can get a sense of how a car looks and feels, before it hits the assembly line. The company can save thousands of dollars using this method, as virtual reality helps take rapid prototyping to the next level. The engineers can make modifications to the design of a vehicle in almost real time, and experience the change themselves as if the car was already constructed.

The German automotive company has begun issuing individual vehicle pods to each of its engineers, enabling them to work on their own parts of the vehicle as they please. While the company has used methods of virtual reality for development in the past, it previously required special large facilities that were neither space nor cost efficient to produce. The new pods take up no more space than an actual car, and can fit many more engineers in one design space than ever before. The new pods have rumble features to test what it would be like to drive the new vehicles on the open road, and lets engineers experience almost exactly what customers will experience when they purchase their own car in the future.

The new tech enables the company to create cars much faster cheaper, and more accurately than ever before, which should be a good sign for those looking to get their hands on the newest vehicles the company has to offer. We’re looking forward to this tech being deployed to car manufacturers nationwide, as it can mean nothing but good things for the industry.

Is there another industry you think could be vastly enhanced by virtual reality? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: TechTimes


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