Zombie-killing Brookhaven Experiment arrives for HTC Vive

While the promise of VR’s future is quite enticing, it is safe to say that modern VR is currently in its infancy and in the process of finding itself. Sure, VR is an exciting prospect, but many developers are just starting to learn how to build great experiences that showcase the tech. Thankfully, we are starting to see a sudden rise in the number of titles that get this formula right, perhaps a signal that VR is finally starting to make its slow march towards being “mainstream” ready.

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One such demo that helped showcase just how amazing VR could be is The Brookhaven Experiment. While a short experience with no story to speak of, the zombie shoot-em-up was fast paced, frantic, and helped illustrate how immersive VR can be — especially in a horror-type setting. And now that experience has finally evolved into a full game.

Today “The Brookhaven Experiment” has launched for the HTC Vive on Steam VR, expanding the original demo into a game that’s full of multiple weapons, locations, and a (hopefully) compelling story. For those that just want to blast the living hell out of zombies like in the demo? There’s also an endless mode that let’s you shoot at endless hordes of zombies, if that’s more your thing.

The game will be priced at $15, which isn’t too bad considering the experience this game offers. You can get it here.

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