HTC Vive Tracker goes on sale for developers, but anyone can buy it

HTC’s plan to expand the ecosystem of its Vive PC VR headset entered a new stage today with the official developer launch of the HTC Vive Tracker. The accessory is now available to purchase on the company’s web site. While this version of the Vive Tracker is meant for software developers, it appears anyone else can buy it as well.

The Vive Tracker was first announced in January during CES 2017. The device, which looks like a hockey puck with three short legs, is meant to be attached to real world objects so they can be tracked in virtual space by the Vive. HTC hopes that developers can create new third-party software and accessories that can connect to the Vive, such as a racket that can help simulate a tennis match, or a pole to help create a virtual fishing game.

While technically anyone can purchase the HTC Vive Tracker, consumers who own the Vive headset might want to hold off on getting one for the moment, as there are little to no products on the market that currently support it. HTC was supposed to ship the first 1,000 Vive Tracker units for free to developers. The company has already said the consumer edition of the Vive Tracker will go on sale later this year. It’s possible it could have a lower cost than the current $99 developer price (plus $26 for shipping).


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