Call of Duty Dev says supporting VR would be a “burden”

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For those waiting for one of the best online multiplayer shooting games to come to VR, you may be waiting for a while. A developer of the popular Call of Duty franchise has spoken out and said that bringing the title to VR is harder than it appears.

According to Miles Leslie, Multiplayer Producer at Treyarch, who is the developer behind the Black Ops line of Call of Duty, said that despite VR being a really exciting technology, the studio was “not at that stage where we can tackle it.”

“It’s not to say we’re not going to do it, and we can’t comment on that yes or no, because the technology is fantastic”

The studio is reportedly filled with Playstation VR Dev Kits, so virtual reality is certainly something is being explored. Given the popularity of Call of Duty on the consoles, it’s of no surprise that Playstation have a vested in interest in the title to try and bring it to VR.

The biggest issue, according to the developer, is the performance required to run a smooth VR experience.

“Call of Duty multiplayer is a 60 FPS game, that’s how it is. But VR is a tremendous burden and that would mean we couldn’t hit that target.”

The simple fact is that Call of Duty could not be optimised for VR with the current hardware while maintaining the same level of experience of that with a console.

However, it’s not to say the studio aren’t still exploring options with incorporating VR. The next title Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare due out this year, made by Infinity Ward, won’t support VR, but will have a PlayStation VR experience on display at the upcoming Call of Duty XP event. Players will be able to fly a Jackal, which is one of the fictional ships in the game. Alright it’s not full blown virtual reality, but it’s the closest Call of Duty fans will get for now.

Perhaps as the hardware moves on, developers will find a way to bring the Call of Duty experience to virtual reality, maybe as soon as next years’ release? Here’s hoping. For now, we can look forward to Farpoint!

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