Play the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare PlayStation VR game right now for free


If you own a PlayStation 4 console, and more importantly if you own a PlayStation VR headset, you can download and play a free short space dogfighting game right now. The full name of the game is Call of Duty Infinite Warfare – Jackal Assault VR Experience (yes, that is a mouthful) and it’s a spin-off of the newly released sci-fi first-person shooter .

We want to mention again that if you own a PS4 and a PSVR headset, this game is free to download right now; you don’t need Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to play it. It’s similar to games like EVE: Valkyrie, as players get on board a space fighter and engage in dog fighting with other fighters as well as larger ships and targets. You can download it by visiting the PlayStation Store; it’s listed in the PlayStation VR section.

You will need about 1.5GB of storage on your PS4 to download and install the Call of Duty VR game. While you will need an Internet connection to download it, of course, it is not required when you actually play the game; it’s a single-player experience with no multiplayer modes.

Have you downloaded and played Call of Duty Infinite Warfare – Jackal Assault VR Experience? If so, what are your impressions? Was it a fun game or did all that flying about in VR space get you sick? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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