CamSoda wants to help you smell your virtual surroundings with its OhRoma technology

Standard virtual reality is already pretty realistic. Full coverage of the eyes can result in an experience unlike much else, and head tracking has changed the way we are immersed within these applications. And while many people are still getting used to how amazing VR can be, CamSoda wants to take immersion to the next level by introducing a new sensation to the experience: smell.

The company’s new OhRama technology looks quite a bit like a gas mask, and can be filled with special pellets to output specific scents related to the video you are watching. The company is launching the product with pellets that smell like body odor, fragrances, environments, and more, which will relate quite well to specific experiences they are looking to show off on video.

Other sites such as PornHub have already launched virtual reality sections on their websites, but CamSoda thinks the new OhRama technology will help give their product a boost over the competition. The company thinks virtual reality is the future of the platform, and they want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the technology.

Virtual reality figures to play a pivotal role in 2017 and we wanted to enhance the experience for our fans by introducing OhRoma which now allows users to smell what they are seeing and hearing

Says President Daron Lundeen.

We’re not quite sure how many of these units the company will be able to sell, but it is certainly an interesting concept. We’re reminded of the “4D” movies that were released about 10 years ago, but we hope the tech doesn’t have the same fate.

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