You can now like and react to 360-degree Facebook videos on Gear VR

oculus gear vr facebook like

Got a Gear VR? And a compatible Samsung phone, of course? Do you watch 360-degree videos in Oculus Video? And do you often feel the urge to express how you feel about these videos?

If you answered a resounding “Yes!” to all of these questions, congratulations, you’re early-adopter game is strong. More importantly, Facebook now lets you Like, Wow and Love (plus the other new reactions the social network launched in February) 360-degree videos you watch on your Gear VR.

Just gaze at the like “button” to expand the reaction panoply and pick your preferred sentiment. Easy.

It’s a tiny new feature, but a welcome one, given that Facebook has been slow to bring its ubiquitous network to VR. Without doubt, Facebook in VR will come, eventually; it’s just that Facebook seems very cautious about the project. Earlier this year, the company announced it formed a team dedicated to VR, and in March it added the option to connect the Oculus to Facebook and get a personalized feed of 360 videos from your friends. That’s two full years after Facebook announced it would acquire Oculus.

Reactions are also coming to 360-degree panoramas in the coming weeks. It’s worth noting that the Oculus Rift hasn’t received this integration yet.

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