You can now play Fallout 4 through an Oculus Rift


Bethesda Softworks are famous for making critically acclaimed series such as The Elder Scrolls and Wolfenstein, over time becoming masters of the RPG genre. The team has released countless iterations of these titles, with it’s most recent hit being Fallout 4, the 5th game in it’s line of post-apocalyptic role playing games. While the title is already regarded as being fantastic in its most basic form, the folks over at Vierio Perception have found a way to take the game to the next level, enabling compatibility with Oculus’ Rift headset.

Bethesda’s games almost beg to be put into VR. With its classic first person experience guiding you as you make your way through the war-torn wasteland, natural head movement seems like something that could take the games from good to truly great. Though the experience is only compatible with the Oculus Rift at the moment, Vierio Perception has said that its software will have additional compatibility enabled to allow it to work with with the HTC’s Vive and Oculus’ upcoming hand controllers in the near future.

Vierio Perception’s software is completely free and open sourced, meaning you can add code to it yourself if you want to enable your own ideas and functionality. Based on what the Bethesda community has done with their games in the future, don’t be surprised to see new incredible features being added to the software on a consistent basis. Modifications are what that community does best, so if you want to run around the game as a giant tank engine with a movable head and arms, I wouldn’t be too worried, you’ll likely be able to do that.

The software is currently out only for developer models of the Rift, but an update is coming this week that will include compatibility for the consumer version as well. The release of software like this gives us hope that other games will gain compatibility with virtual reality headsets as well, which could help to speed up the slow development of VR titles.

Are there any other games that you want to see converted to virtual reality?

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  1. I’d really love to see more RTS style games in VR, I like the idea of having a ‘game board’ style instead of the standard top down camera.
    Also, loving the site, looks great – although there’s a few javascript alerts on the mobile version for swipe actions 😉

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